Talking about Music


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1. A kind of music typical of a country or area which has been played and sung for many generations.
3. A terrible noise.
7. A written song.
10. Makes you sad or depressed.
11. Melody.
12. Makes you feel good or stronger.
16. A musical sound sung or played on an instrument.
19. Something you play music on.
21. Absolutely amazing.
22. Liked by many people.
23. Musicians go into a studio to make a ___________.


2. The beat of a piece of music.
4. Someone who writes songs.
5. Popular. It sells a lot.
6. A kind of music played by an orchestra.
7. Someone who leads an orchestra.
8. Makes you want to dance.
9. Terrible. Really bad.
13. With a lot of emotion.
14. Wonderful. Very beautiful.
15. A musical composition for a full orchestra.
17. Easy to sing and remember.
18. The part of a song which is repeated after each verse.
20. A group of singers who perform together, for example in a church or school.