Celebrating 150 Years of the Tube

Fill in the gaps

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   20 years      45 minutes      connect      costs      designed      developed      elevated      gamble      overcrowded      popular      proposed      steam      suburbs      subway      system   
1. 150 years ago London was the biggest city in the world. It was an city with no transport system.
2. Abu Dhabi, Riad and Mumbai are planning new networks in the next decade.
3. The underground has changed the way cities are and developed.
4. The first trains on the London Underground were trains.
5. By the turn of the last century new lines were being dug to central London with villages and towns on the outskirts.
6. New London suburbs were because of the tube.
7. Amersham in Zone 9 is from the capital.
8. Many people left central London to live in the new .
9. New lines were not with everyone.
10. The Victoria line took to be built.
11. Local opposition and the huge were two reasons why the idea of the underground took so long to catch on elsewhere.
12. Chicago opened an railway in 1892.
13. The next real subway outside London was built in Budapest in 1902
14. The £16 Billion Crossrail Project will link Heathrow Airport with London's East End. It was first in 1948.
15. The people behind the project are taking a huge financial . It may take another hundred years to find out if it pays off.