It's probably not a brown rock. It's probably poop instead. You walk away from the meter.\n\n[END]
You change your mind and try to use it for walking. It does not work, so you fall. You can see the bottom of the electric meter from here, which is not as good to look at as the front view.\n\n\n[END]
You use your own legs for walking away from the alley's electric meter while carrying the stool piece which is a stool leg.\n\n[END]\n\n[THIS IS THE GOOD ENDING]
It still looks like a piece of wood from a stool. It looks like the leg part of a stool. It looks like the wooden leg part of a stool.\n\n<<set $lookedLonger = true>> \n<<display 'rock'>>
You pat your thigh twice and remember how much you like to have a leg.\n\nThe meter has a bunch of numbers on it, but, since they do not matter to you, you don't write down what any of them are.\n\n[END]\n\nMy, but it's a good leg!\n\n[THIS ENDING IS BETTER THAN THE GOOD ENDING, BUT DON'T YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE YOU WON SOMETHING?]
in an alley
There is a [[rock]] which is [[brown]], underneath the electric meter.
<<if $lookedLonger>>\nYou pause and remember that it does not look like a brown rock.<<else>>You look at it [[longer]] and notice that it does not look like a brown rock as much with more looking as it did with less looking.<<endif>> It's actually a wooden [[piece]] of a stool [[leg]].\n\nIt's not as nice to look at as the glass on the electric meter is.
Electric Meter
You pick it up. Now you have more [[legs]] than before, but one of them is not an appendage. Since it is not an appendage, you do not mind that there is no foot, and you also do not try to use it for [[walking]]. The needle on the electric meter is like an appendage. Maybe it //is// an appendage.
[[Michael R. Bacon|]]
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