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Clean UDK Leftovers 

Clean UDK Leftovers is a small tool to delete junk files that are created after Light Building, Map Saving, Content Saving and more. These files can take GB's of spaces depending on your usage so it is highly recommended to use this tool to remove those files. Once cleaning is completed, Unreal X-Editor shows how much space has been freed in X-Editor Log .

NOTE: Only files will be deleted. No folders will be removed. Below are the folders that will be included when cleaning.


Agent Staging Area   -> UDK Installation\Binaries\SwarmCache\AgentStagingArea

Logs                          -> UDK Installation\Binaries\SwarmCache\Logs

Jobs                          -> UDK Installation\Binaries\SwarmCache\Jobs

SwarmCache             -> UDK Installation\Binaries\SwarmCache


UPK                          -> UDK Installation\UDKGame\Autosaves\*.upk

UDK                          -> UDK Installation\UDKGame\Autosaves\*.udk

UDK Logs

Logs                          -> UDK Installation\UDKGame\Logs\*.log

Crash Dumps             -> UDK Installation\UDKGame\Logs\*.dmp

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