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Cyber Incidents and Disputes Dataset 1.0

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           Media follow ups: ESPN the Magazine article La Raza's Edge: The Best American Fans don't root for the American Team

           Washington Post/Monkey Cage: Why are There So Few Latinos on the U.S. Soccer Team?

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My Dissertation
Steps to Rivalry, Vanderbilt University, August 2003 (Committee: Vasquez, Ray, Bahry, Tucker, Hensel)

Professional Opinion and Blog Work

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Unpublished Conference Papers

Valeriano, Brandon and Ryan Maness “Why Won’t it Die? Rivalry Persistence and the Case of the United States and Russia.

"Concerts of Action: Intergovernmental Organizations and the Dynamics of Interstate Rivalry" with Chris Leskiw (Dead R&R at JPR)

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“The Triggers of Deadly International Conflict: Territorial Disputes Early Warning System” presented at Network of European Peace Scientists Annual Conference, Amsterdam, June 29-31, 2009



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