Thank you for all these years!

I have decided to shut down. I have not updated it for several years - and it is no longer possible for me to maintain video standards and music licensing fees.

This journey has been an incredible one - and it is still giving me an intense treat every day (but now under a different domain name). When (read if) I retire, I plan to write a book or two about it.

My work continues at GMC, and I will keep producing free content for my youtube channel.

If that's not good enough - then hit the wayback machine for some serious freelicks nostalgia!

At some point (read now!) I would like to reopen this website, or at least the idea behind it. Freelicks will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much for learning from me and listening to my advice - it's been a privilege to teach you.

I hope to hear from you via facebook, youtube or GMC!

Kristofer Dahl