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Thank you!

You are amazing! Thank you for purchasing the Shift Tumblr theme. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it for you.

About Shift

Shift is a modern, responsive, retina ready Tumblr theme. It uses the Masonry jQuery plugin to stack the posts nicely and it adds a nice animated effect when resizing the browser. It's full of fun little widgets and supports ALL Tumblr post types. You can customise everything through the theme options panel until your heart is content. Take full advantage of the full width image slider and showcase your best work or some pictures of kittens.

Set Up

Installing the Shift theme

Now you've got your new Tumblr theme you'll want to install it right away!

Unzip your download folder and locate the Shift.html file, it will be in the root of the folder.

Now go and open that bad boy up in your favourite text editor. Don't open it in a web browser as it will look a mess. Instead right click and select Open... I use Espresso for the Mac. But there are free programs such as TextWrangler for Mac and Notepad++ for PC. Every PC comes with NotePad installed for free as well.

Using TextEdit on a Mac?

If you've opened up the HTML file in TextEdit it may have messed it up completely. Bad times. If you follow this guide: It'll show you how to open HTML files properly within TextEdit.

Now what?

Now you've got the file open, select everything within it either by dragging your cursor from the beginning of the first line all the way to the bottom, or by pressing CMD + A (Mac) or CTRL + A (PC). Now copy all of that selected code by going to Edit then clicking Copy or by pressing CMD + C (Mac), CTRL + C (PC). That code is now stored on your clipboard.

Log into your Tumblr Dashboard. Now that your logged into Tumblr click on the little Clog icon at the very top of the site. See image below...

Now select the blog you would like to install the theme on from the list on the left.

Now click on the Customise button. Geez Tumblr have made it long winded!

Finally! You are now on the Customise screen for you blog. Click on the Edit HTML button in the left sidebar. This opens up Tumblr's text editor.

Delete all the code in this area so it's nice and clean. You don't want to leave anything in here as it might mess up your shiny new theme.

Now go ahead and paste in the new code. CMD + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (PC) will paste in the code quicker than a flash. Or you can go up to the Edit menu item and click on Paste. Either way works fine.

Now hit the Update Preview image. You'll notice the preview on the right updates with your new theme. There might be a few issues as it will still be using your old themes options. So hit the green Save button and then click the grey Appearance button. Refresh this page now (F5 or right click and click Reload / Refresh). Now your new themes options have loaded in. Hit the green Save button again. Now go to your blogs page and you'll see the new theme is installed! Easy as pie, not as yummy though.

Now you can head on to the Customisation area of this document to find out how to make your theme look the way you want.

Custom Pages

To create a custom page for your blog make sure that you are in the Customise screen. Follow the steps above to get to the correct place. Scroll down on the theme options sidebar and you'll see an 'Pages' button. Click on this and then click on the 'Add a page' button.

This then opens up the Add page pop up. Enter all the details you need for your new page. Here is an example:

Click the 'Create page' button when you're finished and then click the Save button. Your new page has now been created and a link has been automatically added to your main navigation menu.

Mobile View

So you've downloaded and installed your new Tumblr theme and you want to get rid of the boring default Tumblr mobile layout. OK so what you need to do first is make sure your in the Customise screen. Scroll down and click on the 'Advanced' button. This drops down some more options. Simply untick the 'Use optimized mobile layout' option and hit the green Save button.

And... YOUR DONE! Now go and enjoy your nice new mobile friendly blog.

Setting up your retina logo is easy! A retina version of your logo will help it to look awesome on all devices with a high pixel density. I've included the PSD files for you to get the sizes perfect.

Google Fonts

To use ANY of the hundred of Google Fonts that are available simply follow these simple steps.

First off get yourself over to the Google Fonts directory and pick yourself a tasty new font.

Once you've picked a font click on the Quickuse button underneath that particular font.

Now copy the 2 elements highlighted in red in the below screenshot and paste each part into the themes options.

Paste the link and the font name in the theme options here:

Disqus Comments

To get Disqus comments showing on your blog simply enter your blogs Disqus shortname in the theme options panel.



To get your new Twitter feed working you'll need to allow Tumblr access to your Twitter feed.

To do this you'll need to be logged into your Tumblr account and then click the settings button at the top of the page.

Make sure to select your blog on the left menu.

Scroll down the page until you find the Twitter section. Once you've found that click the Sign in to Twitter button shown below.


I've gone through many different solutions for the Instagram feed and they have sometimes worked for some customers and others have not. So it was a 50/50 chance it would work for you. I have now how ever decided to add the Instagram Access Token approach instead. If you have any issues with this widget please do get in contact with me by emailing

1. To find out what your Instagram Access Token is simply click this link and click on the Get Token button. Instagram Access Token Generator.

2. Copy the code that appears on the next page and paste it into the Instagram Access Token text option on the theme options panel.


To get your Flickr widget up and running simply add in your Flickr ID in the theme options and hit Save.

To find out what your Flickr ID is visit this website: When there change 'username' in the link to your Flickr username and hit the Find button. This will show your ID (highlighted in red below).

Copy the result and paste it into the themes 'Flickr ID' option and hit Save.

Theme Options

Below is a list of ALL the theme options added into this theme. Customise these options until your heart is content for a unique version of the Shift theme.


Theme Option Description
Theme Change the colour of the main colour theme.
Background Change the colour of the main background.
Blog Title Change the colour of the main blog title in the header.
Tagline Text Change the colour of the tag line text that appears underneath the slider.
Post Background Change the colour of the post background.
Post Icon Change the colour of the post icons seen in the circles.
Post Icon Background Change the colour of the post icon background.
Header Background Change the colour of the main header background.
Navigation Background Change the colour of the main navigation background.
Navigation Links Change the colour of the main navigation text links.
Footer Titles Change the colour of the widget titles in the footer.
Copyright Background Change the colour of the footers copyright background.
Copyright Text Change the colour of the copyright text in the footer.
Tag Background Change the colour of the tag background.
Tag Text Change the colour of the tags text.
Author Background Change the colour of the author background.
Post Footer Change the colour of the posts footer background.
Post Footer Text Change the colour of the posts footer text.
Tweets Change the colour of the Twitter feed tweet text.
Follow Button Change the colour of the follow buttons in the footer background.
Follow Button Hover Change the colour of the follow button hover background.

Tick Box Options

Theme Option Description
Repeat Header Background Make the header background image repeat.
Show Copyright Show or hide the copyright text at the bottom of the sidebar.
Show Latest Tweets Show or hide the latest tweet widget
Show Post Author Show or hide the posts author
Show Post Date Show or hide the posts date stamp.
Show Post Type Icon Show or hide the posts type icons.
Show Search Box Show or hide the search box.
Show Share Buttons Show or hide the posts share buttons.
Show Social Links Show or hide the social links in the sidebar.
Stretch Header Background Stretch the header background image to fit the width and height.

Upload Images

Theme Option Description
Logo Upload your logo for the header.
Slider Image 1 Upload an image for slide 1.
Slider Image 2 Upload an image for slide 2.
Slider Image 3 Upload an image for slide 3.
Slider Image 4 Upload an image for slide 4.
Slider Image 5 Upload an image for slide 5.

Text Inputs

Theme Option Description
Font Size Change the font size of the main body text.
Google Font Select a Google web font for the themes title.
Google Font Code Enter the font code here for the Google web font.
Google Analytics Enter your Google analytics code to track stats.
Disqus Shortname Enter your Disqus shortname for comments.
Slider Image 1 Link Add a link to the image slider image.
Slider Image 2 Link Add a link to the image slider image.
Slider Image 3 Link Add a link to the image slider image.
Slider Image 4 Link Add a link to the image slider image.
Slider Image 5 Link Add a link to the image slider image.
Flickr ID Enter your Flickr ID for the Flickr feed to appear in the footer.
Flickr Link Add a link to your Flickr profile.
Instagram Access Token The token is used to show your Instagram feed.
Instagram Link Add a link to your Instagram profile.


Check out all the issues I've fixed, featured I've added and old stuff I've updated.

02.12.2013 - v2.0

  • NEW Fully RESPONSIVE layout and design.
  • NEW Responsive videos and audio posts.
  • NEW Freshened up the design.
  • NEW Instagram, Flickr and Twitter feeds in the footer.
  • NEW Icon fonts are now used for retina displays.
  • NEW Add ANY Google font to your blog that you want.
  • NEW Masonry jQuery plugin for staggered layout.
  • NEW CSS is now condensed and easier to navigate.
  • NEW Theme now supports language localisation.
  • UPDATE Brand new documentation with easy to read steps.

14.06.2013 - v1.2

  • NEW Added Submit and Ask buttons to the main navigation.
  • NEW Added directional arrows to the image slider.
  • NEW Added post author to the posts for group blogs.
  • NEW Added option to show or hide post author in the Appearance tab.
  • NEW Added Disqus comments to the posts permalink page.
  • NEW Added 5 new Google fonts.

17.06.2011 - v1.1

  • NEW Added a right to left reading template.
  • NEW Added a new layout (image slider at the top, sidebar on the right and posts on the left).
  • NEW Added padding and background colour to notes.

09.06.2011 - v1

Initial Release

Rating the Theme

It would be awesome if you could rate the theme for me. If you feel the theme deserves less than 5 stars please contact me before rating and I will try to improve your experience with the theme.

Check out the screenshot below on how to rate a file.

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