Time Is On Our Side


Lives and fortunes hang in the balance. History is remade, time and time again. This is the world of the Interglobal Trading Fund.

The ITF is a shadows operation, an agency that serves global governments and conglomerations. At ITF, recruits are plucked from the foster system and delivered to the ITF campus, where their memories are erased. They spend the next 15 years being trained and programmed as assassins. Upon graduation, ITF recruits are split into several divisions: “Tellers,” the IT corps, “Bankers,” Operations and Administration, and “Travelers,” the elite squad of hit men and women who, through the portal known as “The Vault,” are sent back in time to complete their “Transactions.”

XIII (THIRTEEN) is one such Traveler. One of the elite Travelers of ITF, XIII is ITF’s CEO HOWARD’s most trusted operative. With the aid and guidance of his TELLER, XIII is the top choice for executing complex transactions.

ITF opens with one such event - a transaction, guided by his Teller. Howard and a group of diplomats watch as XIII completes the transaction. He returns to the vault, and plans to retire for the day, when Howard requests his presence. Howard has an assignment for him, a second jump, not standard protocol at ITF, but as Howard says, “This one requires the delicate touch.”

XIII returns to the vault - and is delivered back in time. But this time, the transaction is different, for XIII has a secret. His memory has not been completely obliterated. A remnant remains; an odd bit, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. And, with this assignment, the pieces begin to fall into place...

INTERGLOBAL TRADING FUND is Executive Produced by Cindi Rice and Mark Kern of RED 5 STUDIOS.

copyright 2012 Anne Lower and Geoff Reeves  all rights reserved