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This is the website of a collaboration between the Amsterdam Universities on the Question Are We Alone

Are We Alone (AWA) is an initiative between research from the β-science Faculties of the Amsterdam Universities and SRON. WE aim to organize interdisciplinary research around the question

General Information



First meeting December 8, 2015


Here is the program of the day, with links to the talks

10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Carsten Dominik (API/UvA) Welcome and Overview
11:30 Matthias Bickelhaupt (ACMM/VU) The quantum chemical basis of life
11:45 Wybren-Jan Buma (HIMS/UvA) Spectroscopy and Biomarkers
12:00 Wim van Westrenen/Gareth Davies VU Aardwetenschapen Planetary and exoplanetary geology and geochemistry at VU
12:15 Jean-Michel Desert (API/UvA) Observing exoplanet atmospheres
12:30 Lunch break Lunch will be served
13:00 Michiel Min (SRON) The exoplanet program at SRON
13:15 Chris Ormel (API/UvA) The connection of superearths with planet formation
13:30 Jan van Maarseveen (HIMS/UvA) Teaching the origin of life at UvA
13:45 General discussion  

Other useful information and links

Oratie Prof. Carsten Dominik, Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

On November 4, 2015, Prof. C. Dominik held his oration as new Professor for Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam, with the title "Are We Alone".

  • The lecture can be watched here:
  • The text of the speach is available here: Text Slides

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