Bug Reporting


Extra Bees is hosted on Bitbucket, and has a public issue tracker that you may log bugs to. By doing this instead of posting on the forum, IRC etc. I can keep track of bugs, and it helps remind me of them. Other people can also comment on them, so I know which bugs are more pressing than others.

Report a bug on Bitbucket

First check that your issue has not already been posted. If it has, add a comment with your experience of the bug. If not, start a new issue by pressing the create issue button in the top right.

Make the title of the issue clear and concise. I'll change it if it is not.

In the body of the issue, add as much detail as possible. Please use pastebin for error logs, remember to make sure they don't expire in the near future.

Set the type of the issue to bug. You can also suggest new features by changing this to enhancement.

Set priority to what you think the bug's priority is, I'll change this as I see fit.

Set component to which part of my mod is causing the issue.

Set version to the current extra bees branch you are using. Please state the actual version number in the body of the issue.

Feel free to attach error logs as attachments instead of pastebin.