- The demo was updated to 1.2 on the 7th of Feb. 2016, be sure to try it! -
- Welcome to the party, welcome to [iF.]: your Introspection Festival. -

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The teaser demo is online! temporary down. Details here. (20160507)
The beta ended the 30th of November 2015!
Watch HD screenshots here...

OCT. 29th 2015: DAY 1 - MEDICATION

[iF.], the debut episode of the Cadaver Party Project,
will soon be released.
It is an original Total Conversion for Amnesia: TDD.
It will challenge your senses and nerves.

Cadaver PartyCadaver Party

• Original story taking place in the recent era.
Travel through... well... you will see~~~~
..Sometimes, fate just refuse to leave you in peace...
..What happened to you? What is happening to you?
..Have you gone crazy or are you being cursed?
• A new universe for you to explore~~~~
..Evolve in a changing and unpredictable environment...
..Custom textures, models, UI and... enemies!
• Neat sound design~~~~
..Sound effects use 3D render or even binaural technology...
• Original Soundtrack~~~~
..Multiple Ambient & Dark Ambient artists,
..feat. Ascetic, Kevin MacLeod, Vysehrad, Souls of Nephilims, Eletrolise...
..25+ music tracks to make you shiver...
• Localization in various languages~~~~
..On launch: English & French.
..Planned: Italian, German, Spanish, Russian.

OCT. 30th 2015: DAY 2 - APPRECIATION

It's already the second day! What items have we got?
To begin we are happy to share with you some HD screenshots,
showing you a selection of areas. Be sure to come prepared!

Secondly, we are launching a BETA ACCESS GIVEAWAY!

Last but not least,
the Surprise Halloween TEASER DEMO will be released TOMORROW!
We heard all of you who cannot wait to try the game,
we read all your comments and messages...
we decided to cook a Special Short Teaser Demo just for you!
Those dark and silent corridors are waiting for your soul...

Cadaver PartyCadaver Party

Here at Yanka Prod we want to offer you an opportunity:
be part of the exclusive Private Beta adventure,
and experience the full experience before everybody else!
You have until November the 30th to do the tasks below.
Four (4) lucky winners will be chosen
and will put their claws on the game before its launch!

******** [iF.] EXCLUSIVE BETA GIVEAWAY! ********

• To enter the giveaway, follow @Yanka_Prod and tweet:

I participate in the exclusive beta #giveaway for the #free #horror #TC [iF.]! http://whatisif.tk/ @Yanka_Prod #gamedev #indiedev

• You can also do this next task to increase your chances.
Subscribe to the mod DB page and leave a comment including a link to your tweet
and gain one bonus chance: [iF.] on mod DB
If you don't use Twitter this is your ticket, just drop us a line there!
Be sure to tell us what you are expecting from [iF.] and its exclusive private beta access!

• 4 very lucky winners will be randomly chosen,
you will be contacted via Twitter and/or Mod DB at the end of this event (November the 30th).
• You will need to provide a Steam ID to be invited and join the already existing group of testers.
• If you don't own the Steam version, no worries!
[iF.] is 100% compatible with both Steam & DRM-FREE editions of Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

Cadaver PartyCadaver Party


The final day is live, along with one of the best announcements!

"When will we have something to try?"
"Give us a demo!"
"Release, when??"
"It's so long, is it a joke?"
">mfw no demo yet"

OK. Got it. We listened. Surprise!
We have prepared a special teaser demo!
Just for you to play with.
Disclaimer: it's short. Voluntary short.
Consider this as a little glimpse, a little unexpected gift. ;)

The playable teaser features chosen areas with chosen content,
this way it will not spoil you the full game.
We hope you will enjoy it and are waiting for your feedback!
More news on the full release in the close future!

~~~~~~~~ Download [iF.] - Teaser Demo 1.2 ~~~~~~~~

UPDATE 20160507:
Hello stalkers.
Today, the "Cparty - IF" demo was taken down.

The reason is that the last Amnesia TDD update broke a lot of things (as usual) so a lot of work is to be done.
Right now, I have no time nor patience to correct everything and update the demo. Even if I found a solution so you can launch it with the last Amnesia TDD patch, there are too many errors and it's unplayable.

I am figuring out a solution to become less dependent of the Amnesia game and make everything easier to setup and play for you players. I am working on my own standalone HPL2 package containing only "CParty - IF". It already works very well, simple. The problem is that I don't know if I can legally do this, even for free. I'll have a good think about all this later.

I also am thinking about other eventualities, like changing the engine. This is one of my biggest mistake and a personal regret for more than two years with this project, I should have switched after a few months in the beginning. I don't know if I should do this now since the TC is nearly gold. Starting from scratch? Maybe not a good idea.

Demo updates are halted for now, this is not a priority for me, finishing the complete TC is one.
You had more than 6 months to give a try with the demo, if you missed this opportunity please wait for the complete version.

If you won an access to the private beta a few months ago, don't worry, you are not forgotten. You'll be contacted in time.

As usual, don't ask for a release date: it will be out when I think it should be.
For your information, the last thing which is left is coding/scripting on a few maps. The rest is 100% ready.

See you soon stalkers, thanks for your interest.


PS :

If you want to ask questions and so on, continue to do it on the ModDB page or Twitter https://twitter.com/Yanka_Prod/
This is easier for me this way.

File: iF_Teaser_Demo_Public_1_2.zip
Type: Zip Archive
Size: 1.13 Go
Date: 07th Feb. 2016
Language: English, French
Installation instructions: Read iF_INSTALL.txt inside the archive.

Download links: (DOWN)
..Get it on Mod DB & Indie DB:
[iF.] - Teaser Demo [iF.] - Halloween 2015 Teaser Demo 1.2
..If those links are not available, you can use the Mega mirror, no account required:
[iF.] - Teaser Demo 1.2

~~~~~~~~ Some facts about [iF.] ~~~~~~~~

• Development started in February 2013.
• The project code-name, "Cadaver Party" is a reference to Corpse Party,
a Japanese serie of horror games.
• At first, [iF.] was just named Cadaver Party: Encounter.
• In the early times of dev. it used to be a very small mod
including 2 then 3 tiny maps.
• It was a remake of a chapter of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows,
using only Amnesia: TDD assets.
• At some point the project became bigger and more personal.
It kept his Corpse Party "roots" though.
• Numerous changes and new levels came. Custom content was added.
This became the Cadaver Party Project.
• The project was divided in two episodes. [iF.] is the first one.
• The second one has already various levels alpha or even beta ready.
• A bonus episode also exists.
It is currently in an advanced dev. only beta state and will be released later.
• [iF.] runs on Windows, from XP to 10.
Theorically it runs on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later,
and on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Mint 13 LTS, Fedora 16, fully updated.
• You can of course mod [iF.] as you want it to be.
• Oh and to clarify things. Yanka is not a man. Not a woman either.
Yanka is a ROBOT.

Thanks for your support!!

Cadaver PartyCadaver Party

The 3 days event is completed,
everything has been revealed!
The teaser demo is online!
The beta giveaway has ended
the 30th of Nov. 2015!
Congrats to the winners!
Have fun everyone!

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