Ideas, policies, practices

International conference hosted by the
Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg

Germany 10-11 February 2011

Higher education in Europe and worldwide has been going through a series of changes in its identities, purposes and roles in society. These changes are often accounted for by the increasing process of globalization, leading to a growing economic and environmental interdependence, calling for the need of coordinated political actions, openness and integration, global knowledge and culture exchange. Higher education and research are assigned a key and integral role in these processes. On the other hand, globalisation with its multifaceted and ambiguous character creates unforeseen and contradictory transformations in the social sphere, including Higher Education. This brings to the forefront of public concern the issues of quality, marketisation, accessibility, social justice and cultural values.

Foto: Till Westermayer

The emerging "European model" in higher education and research in its normative and structural dimensions is becoming an important point of reference and an example for the regional strategies of internationalization worldwide, inspiring a debate among academics, politicians, researchers and a wider public.

This international conference...

is targeted at providing a forum for discussion between a variety of the key actors of internationalisation of Higher Education - politicians, researchers and practioners, with a focus on Europe and its neighbouring regions.

Foto: Till Westermayer The conference aims at moving beyond the rhetoric of internationalization, to critically explore the challenges and discontents of the impact of globalization on Higher Education, as well as the advantages, strategies and practices of internationalization in several dimensions: global, regional, national and institutional.