Did you ever wonder if the bunny in the game is real, and you're just a reflection of him?

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  • FreeIndieGam.es - thanks, Increpare!
  • JeuxVideo.com - "..A free game with minimalist graphics, but its seemingly simple appearance belies its tricky mechanics." (Google translated)
  • IndieGames.com - "Moments of Reflection is a nifty little puzzle-platformer that will feel instantly familiar to those who have played games like Reflexio and Mirror Rays but that doesn't stop it from being rather cool."
  • Get Indie Games! - "The level design is well thought-out and it will give you a bit of trouble!" (Google translated)
  • L'Oujevipo - "It's not easy to innovate in the field of puzzle-platformers...but Moments of Reflection seems to have found a new power to play with: symmetry." (Google translated)


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