Google Calendar Paper

While a Google Calendar can never be lost, it lacks the flexibility of a pen and paper. Why not just File > Print a paper copy of your calendar from the Google Calendar website? Because, unfortunately, Google Calendar's printing options are extremely limited.

I wrote a Google Apps Script that takes the event data from a set of Google Calendars and formats the next week's appointments into a 3x2 grid on a Google Doc. Appointments that have more free time between them are spaced more widely apart so the user can write new events in the whitespace as they come up during the week.

Fold it a few times and add a paper clip, and you get a pocket-sized square with your schedule for the day.

If you want to try this script out, just paste the code from this text file into a new Google Script Project in your Google Drive. Then, input your calendar and document information according to the instructions in the comment at the top. Have fun!

Folded Agenda Google Doc with Agenda Google Script Full Page