Children's Classes Online Signup

My high school's community service organization offered 20 student-run after-school classes local children, and it needed a better way for parents to sign up. When I began coordinating the on-campus children's classes my sophomore year, parents signed their kids up for classes using a Surveymonkey survey. Parent contact information was compiled into a large Excel spreadsheet which was emailed out to the student class leaders every few weeks. Student class leaders had to filter through the spreadsheet to locate the parents who had signed up for their respective classes, then contact these parents with their class meeting information. This process was laden with delays and miscommunications.

We designed a new signup system. We created a website, (now retired), where parents could browse our selection of children's classes. To sign up for a class, a parent filled out a Google Apps Script-enhanced Google Form that immediately emailed the appropriate class leaders the parent's name and contact information.

The first year after launching the new website and signup system, over 250 parents signed up their children for our clubs! And, class leaders could welcome the new signups just minutes after families submitted the online form.

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