NetDice is a free, cross-platform, networkable, widgetizable dice rolling program to use with your favorite tabletop roleplaying game.

photo by robstanley on flickr


NetDice is a free networking-enabled multi-RPG (concentrating on the D20 system) dice rolling application. Net Dice provides basic chat functionality along with D20 and D100 style rolls, which are standard math equations with the respective roll systems' specific operators.

Intended Use

While you can use NetDice however you want, NetDice was designed with the following workflow in mind:

  1. Make common stats and bonuses into custom widgets ( Strength, Base Attack, etc )
  2. Make rolls referencing these widgets ( To Hit = [Strength] + [Base Attack] )
  3. Bundle rolls together as appropriate ( Hits = [To Hit] - (0, 5, 10) )

That way, when you change a referenced variable (like Base Attack), all dependent rolls will automatically reflect the change.

NetDice can be used locally, in server/client mode, or e-mail mode. In networked mode, the server may grant GM privileges (the ability to kick players and see hidden rolls) to any client; by default the server is the GM. All rolls are rolled server-side to ensure there's no cheating going on client-side.