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The following items are allowed for Limited Use Only and in certain cases be approved for use by the staff:
Trails, Thruster Sounds, Thruster Effects, Turrets, Turret Sounds, Explosives (Wired or otherwise), Holo-emitters, Field Generators, Ignite, Strip, Anti-Noclip Kill, Viral Contraptions(including Expression2's), and Combine Props.

Below Is A Defined List Of Infractions That Will Earn You A Disciplinary Action.

1. Objectionable Communication.
This includes Text/Microphone Spamming, use of languages other than English, excessive Swearing, Discrimination against Race, Sex, or Religion, and Disruptive Sounds or voices such as Voice Morphers, Microphone Distortion, or particularly Annoying Vocal Qualities, playing music through microphone. (While the use of languages other than English is hardly objectionable, this is an American/European server with the greatest common language being English, and it is beneficial to everyone if they can understand you when you speak to them.)

2. Obscene or Objectionable Imagery.
This includes posing Ragdolls In Sexually Explicit Poses, creating Contraptions Depicting Sexual Acts, and explicit or Suggestive Sprays. This field also includes objectionable imagery such as discriminatory contraptions and depictions of offensive material (This includes material such as the Nazi Swastika, or intentional Defacing Of Religious Symbols).

3. Excessive Network Lag.
This includes Contraptions or E2s that cause Excessive Physics Calculations, such as large amounts of Collisions, poorly constructed contraptions, extremely large size and quantity of props, Flying Airboats, and E2s performing large amounts of operations. (It should be noted that the Airboat Causes Significant Lag When In Midair due to unknown causes. Please be mindful of this when using them.)

4. Excessive Render Lag.
This includes contraptions with a large amount of High-Polygon Props, or High Resolution Textures, the use of Trails and Thruster Effects, and large amounts of E2 holos. (Remember not everyone has a Radeon 5870.)

5. Deathmatching.
This is defined as Senseless Killing Of Other Players. If someone accidentally propkills you, Do Not Take Justice Into Your Own Hands. Let the staff know what happened, and allow them to take care of it. (Keep in mind that if we don't see them kill you, and we do see you killing them, you're the one who gets the punishment, not them.)

6. Prop Blocking/Prop Pushing.
This is defined as intentionally trying to Kill Or Move Players With Props, or Disrupt The Operation Of Their Contraptions By Obstructing them. (This also includes Blocking Spawn Points By Building On Spawn.)

The Policy For User Discipline Is As Follows:

1. A verbal warning, delivered first through the chat console, and if available, through voice as well.
2. Removal of the offending prop, vehicle, or entity if the player does not acknowledge or respond to the verbal warning.

3. If the problem persists, or other offenses continue, the offending player will be kicked, and all their props removed.

4. If the offending player has not learned by this point to control themselves, they will receive a ban of up to a week at the staff's discretion.

Certain offenses will skip straight to steps 2 or 3 when certain criteria are met. These criteria include excessive lag, direct disrespect of the staff, or threat of damage to other players.
Finally, extreme cases will result in a permanent ban. These cases include intentional crashing or attempted crashing of the server, Dodging disciplinary actions, willful destruction of other users' contraptions, or world assets, and intentional disrespect towards other players.
Another thing to take note of. The Staff are in the server for your benefit. They are not out to get you. If a staff member asks you to remove something, or stop doing something, they usually have a good reason for doing so. Please give them the respect their position deserves, and do not argue with them when they make a judgment call. If you believe a staff member has made a judgment call in error, please contact us at, and let us know so we can resolve the situation as soon as possible.
Finally, use discretion. Our server is meant to be a place where you can collaborate, make friends, and learn about Garry's mod. If you wouldn't want someone to do something to you while you're building with or talking to someone, don't do it to them when they are.

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