Ride more than 50 miles Ride outside the 494-694 loop Ride more than 40 miles Follow all traffic laws (yes, even stop signs) Pass someone on a tall bike
Get a flat tire Bike up Summit (Ramsey) hill Pass someone on a Segway Ride at least 30 days in August Bike on the Greenway
Ride to work every day one week Ride between 12:00AM and 5:00AM Bike more than 1 mile Ride in inclement weather Get yelled at by a stranger
Bike in a group of 5 or more people Ride more than 30 miles Watch a public bike event Go mountain biking Bike home from the bar
Ride from DT Minneapolis to DT St. Paul or vice versa Ride more than 20 miles Hit 30mph (downhill OK) Track stand for 30 seconds Ride more than 100 miles