Lab Facilities

Geology 1405, The Dynamic Earth
Course description: Survey of processes that have shaped the earth, including mountain building, volcanism, deposition of sediments, and landscape development. Plate tectonics integrates all the above into a dynamic theory of the deformation of the earth. A weekly laboratory class is required. Introductory undergraduate level. No prerequisites required. Offered Spring 2010

Geology 3342, Field Studies in Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
Course description: Study of sediments and sedimentary rocks in the field. The interpretation of geologic history, based on outcrop investigation. Includes numerous written and oral reports, weekly field trips, and occasional weekend field trips. A weekly lab is required. Upper level undergraduate course. Prerequisites required. Offered Spring 2012 and alternating years

Geology 4331, Evolutionary History of Plants
Course description: The evolutionary history of plants as studied through the fossil record, including preservation, plant morphology and anatomy, and techniques used to reconstruct paleoenvironment and paleoecology. A weekly lab, which includes one weekend fieldtrip, is required. Advanced undergraduate and graduate student level. Prerequisites required. Offered Fall 2010 and alternating years

Geology 5314a, Advanced Topics in Paleoclimatology: Paleoclimate Proxies
Course description: Survey of methods used for reconstructing ancient climates with a primary focus on terrestrial and marine proxies for paleoclimate and atmospheric conditions, such as CO2 through discuss of primary literature. Topics will vary. Advanced undergraduate and graduate student level seminar. Offered Fall 2012 and alternating years

Geology 5314b, Advanced Topics in Paleoclimatology: Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future
Course description: Survey of some of the important changes in the earth’s climate through the discussion primary literature and the proxies and models used to determine and interpret the causes and effects of these changes. Topics will vary. Advanced undergraduate and graduate student level seminar. Offered Fall 2009 and alternating years

Geology 5V90, Paleoecology and Biodiversity of East African Lakes, (team taught with Patrick Danley, Department of Biology)
Course description: Survey of paleoclimate of the East African Great Lakes and the impact of paleoclimate on cichlid biodiversity and evolution. Graduate seminar. Offered Fall 2010

Geology 5V90, Advanced Topics in Paleomagnetism
Course description: Assessment of the magnetic properties of rocks as studied utilizing paleomagnestism and rock magnetism techniques and methods. Graduate lecture and lab course. Offered Spring 2011