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Graduate Students
There are many opportunities for graduate study in the Department of Geology at Baylor University for students interested in paleoclimate, paleobotany, ecology, stratigraphy, or paleomagnetism.

I am involved in several ongoing research projects focused on developing climate and ecological proxies using modern plants, reconstructing paleoenvironment in East Africa in the context of hominid evolution, and exploring the relationship between Paleocene plant communities and climate change. See the Research section of my website for more details about the projects.

My laboratory includes space dedicated to paleobotany and paleomagnetism analyses and dedicated working spaces in the lab for students (click here for more information). Adjacent to the laboratory is student office space.

Please contact me if you are interested in the graduate program at Baylor.  I am actively looking for students that are interested in any of my ongoing projects, or that would like to pursue ideas of their own.  Information about the graduate program can be found here. Applications are being considered for both Spring and Fall semester enrollment.

Undergraduate Students
Baylor Geology is a great place for undergraduates to get involved in research.  There are many opportunities to develop an independent project or to work on an existing one.  Please contact me if you are interested in getting involved in research at Baylor.


Current Students


Emily Beverly

Adam Davis

Caitlin Leslie

Andrew Flynn





Nicky Arellano

Mike Loudermilk



Former students


Lauren Michel

Alex Van Plantinga

Casee Lemons



Will Fenley

Mark McCollum

Dillon DeGarmo

Blake Taylor

Will Horner

Lynsday DiPietro