This is an Apple computer which has been transformed into an aquarium.  I've designed and hand build each aquarium out of a discarded Apple G3 iMac.  Each iMacAquarium is ready to use right out of the box.  Simply decorate it how you wish and add water and fish! 

The iMacAquarium has a built in filter, and a light which can be turned on and off.  The 3.5 gallon tank makes a perfect home for many kinds of small tropical fish. The case simply lifts off to access the inside and the Apple emblem on top can be removed for easy feeding. 



  1. 3.5 Gallon acrylic tank mounted inside iMac case.

  2. Face of the tank is curved to fit in the front bezel with no unsightly gaps.

  3. Joints in the tank are sealed with a bead of clear 100% silicon caulking.


  1. The tank is illuminated from the top and sides.

  2. Small rocker switch at lower rear of case turns light on and off.

  3. Light strand is designed to resist accidental water contact.

  4. The aquarium's light and filter operate on U.S. standard electrical plug and electrical voltage 110/120v.


  1. Included is a Whisper 3i In-Tank Filter.

  2. Filter cartridge is dual sided mesh with activated carbon inside.

  3. The filter's pump comes mounted and wired for use.

  4. Replacement filter cartridges are and common at most pet stores.

  5. Purchase replacement cartridges online on


  1. Case is buffed, polished and waxed to look new and shiny as possible.

  2. The colored part of the case simply lifts off to access the inside.

  3. There is room inside the case to store fish food and other supplies.

  4. Apple emblem on top of the case can be removed for simple feeding.

The Story

It started in 2007 when at work I was asked to throw away a broken G3 iMac.  As the type of person I am, instead of tossing this beautiful computer in the trash I asked to take it home knowing I may tinker with it someday, maybe getting it to work again, or at least tear it apart just for the fun of seeing the inside.  Soon I found pictures online showing all types of Macs that had been turned into aquariums and dubbed the "Macquarium".  I decided to build one myself but with no luck finding any instructions online I was on my own. 

After a story of trial and error using different tank designs, materials, lights, and filters I finally perfected it!  The tank held more water than any other Macquarium I could find.  The water level could be all the way to the top of the "screen".  The lighting was bright, simple, and water resistant.  The filter was perfectly sized for the tank.  I could buff the scratches out of the case to make it shine. 

The most difficult obstacle was to make the face of the tank curved to match the curve of the old CRT computer screen.  I didn't want any gaps between the curved front bezel of the iMac and the face of the aquarium tank so I used acrylic to make the tanks.  Acrylic has many benefits over glass plus I could bend and glue it to get the curve I wanted.  This made the tanks much more complicated, time consuming, and expensive to make, but the finished look was well worth the investment.

Upon finishing and testing my final design I built a second iMacAquarium for a friend, then another and another.  Over the years I've made slight improvements to the design here and there.  As far as I know I'm the only weirdo in the world building iMacAquariums for sale.

I purchase the iMacs from various places, usually they are on their way to the trash or to be de-manufactured in a recycling facility.  After the aquariums are built I properly sort and recycle all unused pieces of the iMac.  I use shipping boxes made of recycled materials and I reuse bubble wrap and newspaper as packing materials.  If you order an iMacAquarium you will also likely be able to read headline stories and comics from several of my local small town newspapers!

Setup and care instructions are included.  Decorations, fish, and water are not included.  Feel free to Email me if yo have any questions or comments.

Order iMacAquarium

This is a finished iMacAquarium with built in tank, light and filter.  Each case is polished to look as new as possible but may still have minor scratches or blemishes.  Available colors are listed in the menu to the right.  Some colors are very rare and as a result have a higher price. 

When you select "Add to Cart" you will be brought to PayPal to sign in and review your order.  Click "Continue Shopping" to add more items to your order such as a matching mouse and keyboard or a clock or a lamp!  International shipping is available, you may be required to pay customs fees or VAT upon receipt.  Feel free to email me with any further questions.