Frequently asked questions

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What are you doing with my votes? What happens to the popular ideas?

How long before you get back to us about our votes? How often are ideas Completed?

How does voting work?

How do I enter an idea?

  1. Sign into your profile.
  2. If you suggest a new idea, it costs at least 1 vote, so check that you have one.
  3. Click in the text entry box, and type a summary of your idea.
            idea title
  4. As you type, any ideas that contain the words in your summary display below. If one of these ideas is what you intended to enter, you can vote for it.
            idea title
  5. If your idea hasn't been entered yet, then click the Post a new idea... button instead.
            idea title
  6. Choose a category for your idea, describe it in some detail, and click the Attach a File link to add an image or movie clip (up to 50Mb). You can assign up to 3 votes to your idea (if you have that many left). Click the Post idea button to add your idea to the forum.

How is an issue "closed"? What do the different "status" items mean?

Can I vote against (down-vote) an idea?

I ran out of votes! How do I get my votes back?

  1. Sign into your profile.
  2. In the top right corner, underneath your name, you'll see how many votes you have left. Click My feedback.
  3.             My feedback

  4. All the suggestions that you've voted for are listed under My Ideas. The blue vote button shows how many votes you've given each idea.
  5. To change or remove your votes from an idea, click the blue vote button.

  7. Select another number of votes, or click the Remove votes link to get your votes back.



Hey! What happened to my idea?

Can I edit my idea after I post it?

What can I do to get more votes for my idea?