XBAT on Windows


XBAT on Mac OS X


XBAT on Ubuntu Linux

For this revision of XBAT we now have the capacity to easily build MEX extensions that rely on third-party open-source libraries on the various platforms. As a consequence, XBAT now runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X! However, platform support is not uniform:

  • XBAT has been largely developed under Windows XP with MATLAB versions 7 and later, therefore it is most stable on this platform.
  • The current revision, has been reasonably well tested under recent versions of Ubuntu Linux (Edgy and Feisty) with MATLAB versions 7 and later.
  • This current revision also runs on Intel Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 and MATLAB 7.4, however it has not been thoroughly tested.

Automatic Detection


Active Detection Explained

Automatic detection does not have to be a black box!

You can configure a detector and make it active to let you know what it would find in the current display. If there is something unexpected, you can ask the automatic detector to explain itself. This feedback can then be used to re-configure the detector.

Event Logs


Event Logging

The results of manual or automatic detection are persistently and uniformly stored in event logs. Event logs are displayed as overlays on the sound, are susceptible to measurement, annotation, and classification, and can be used to navigate through a sound.

Signal Filters


Interactive Signal Filtering

Signal filter extensions allow you to filter a sound source for display, playback, and downstream computations such as features and automatic detectors. In this exampple you can see the Bandpass filter extension at work, it has been configured by making a selection of the signal band of interest and asking the extension to design an adequate filter then further refined to get the desired attenuation of the stop-band.

Sound Features


Sound Feature Views

Sound Feature extensions allow to create novel views of a sound that emphasize particular points of view. Like filtered sounds, sound features are available for downstream computations.



XBAT Widget Extensions

XBAT widgets are a new form of extension that allow the simple creation of interactive displays. Here you can see the Scope and Spectrum widgets. The Scope shows you the waveform during play. The Spectrum widget displays a summary of the spectrogram page (along with error-bars) and can also display the summary of a selection as well as the instantaneous spectrum during playback.

Sound features, another type of extension, also can use the XBAT widgets infrastructure to provide interactive feature views of a sound.


Spectrum Widget


Scope Widget