This is the current stable preview release! As the last revision, this one contains many incremental improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Please look at the Requirements for this release.

Download XBAT Preview (Revision 5) (ZIP, 17.8 MB, 13-Jun-2007)

You can also download XBAT as a Windows self-extracting archive or as a gzipped tarball:

Download Sound Samples (4.7 MB, 1-Nov-2006)

The Samples archive contains a small collection of sample sounds to help you get started. The bearded seal is particularly interesting, especially if you've never heard one.


Beyond the current stable release we are now providing access to development versions of XBAT through a Subversion repository hosted by Google-code project-hosting:

Using XBAT development versions is something that developers will want to do to keep up with what is going on in development, but users who want immediate access to the latest features may also be interested.

Along with Subversion, the project-hosting service also provides an issue-tracker and wiki as well which we hope to use in the future. Currently however, the best place to ask, learn, and voice your opinion about XBAT development is through the Google-groups:

To learn more about this option, visit the Development page.


XBAT requires MATLAB versions 7 and above. Further, we rely on the MATLAB Signal-Processing toolbox for a number of the signal filtering extensions. The XBAT Core depends only on MATLAB.

For this revision of XBAT we now have the capacity to easily build MEX extensions that rely on third-party open-source libraries on the various platforms. As a consequence, XBAT now runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X! However, platform support is not uniform:

  • XBAT has been largely developed under Windows XP with MATLAB versions 7 and later, therefore it is most stable on this platform.
  • The current revision, has been reasonably well tested under recent versions of Ubuntu Linux (Edgy and Feisty) with MATLAB versions 7 and later.
  • This current revision also runs on Intel Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 and MATLAB 7.4, however it has not been thoroughly tested.