API Cheatsheet

  • MathGeoLib objects: float2 float3 float4 AABB Capsule Circle Clock float3x3 float3x4 float4x4 Frustum LCG Line LineSegment OBB Plane Quat Ray Sphere Triangle
  • void Clear(float r, float g, float b): Clears the screen with color (r,g,b).
  • void SetPerspectiveCamera(float3 cameraPos, float3 cameraLookatTargetPos, float3 cameraWorldUp, float nearPlaneDistance, float farPlaneDistance, float horizontalFov): Sets up camera view and perspective projection matrices.
  • void DrawAABB(AABB aabb, float3 color): Draws an axis-aligned box.
  • void DrawOBB(OBB obb, float3 color): Draws an oriented bounding box.
  • void DrawPlane(Plane plane, float3 color, float gridSpacing): Draws an infinite plane.
  • void DrawSphere(float3 centerPos, float radius, float3 color, int tessellationLevel): Draws a sphere. Try tessellationLevel between 1-5.
  • void DrawLineSegment(LineSegment lineSegment, float3 color): Draws a finite line segment.
  • void DrawLine(Line line, float3 color): Draws an infinitely long line.
  • void DrawRay(Ray ray, float3 color): Draws a half-infinite line.
  • float Time(): Returns current application time in seconds.

You implement:

  • void main(): Perform any startup here.
  • void Render(): This function is called once per frame to process continuous rendering. Implement the animation here.
Type Angelscript code here: