The New Town Hash House Harriers - On Inn
The New Town Hash House Harriers
aka TNTH3 or The Big Bang Hash
based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

What is Hashing all about?

Basiclly it is a Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

The Hash is a non-competitive running club. With runs that are based on a "hare and hounds" trail which caters for all abilities.
Hashing originated in Kuala Lumpur before the Second World War and has now spread to hundreds of countries. Thousands of Hash kennels have sprung up almost everywhere. The Hash name comes from the standard fare of corned beef hash that was always on the menu at the Royal Selangor Club, where the first hashers socialized after the runs.
The New Town Hash House Harriers run every Wednesday Night throughout the year at 6.30 p.m. Average pack is circa 40-50. You do not need to be fit to Hash. We have members of all shapes and sizes and welcome new members or guests any time. We are an active part of the Scottish, UK and World Hashing Scene.
The hares sets a trail in flour, including false trails, loops and checkpoints, which help to slow the front runners down while they look for the next bit of trail, thus allowing the slower runners to catch up. The distance is usually about 4 to 5 miles, lasting for about a hour. We have hashers who walk the trail and hashers that run at pace.
The trail always starts and finish at a pub, the run is always followed by plenty of beer drinking and socialising.
We will be easy to spot in the pub - a mixture of people of wildly varying fitness all dressed in running gear, addressing each other by odd nicknames. Just turn up and ask for one of the committee members, and we'll look after you.

Why not try some thing different remember if it is not alive, it is not hashing.

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