The New Town Hash House Harriers - On Inn
The New Town Hash House Harriers
aka TNTH3 or The Big Bang Hash
based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The Origins

of The New Town Hash House Harriers, Edinburgh.

Hashing came to Scotland in 1981 with the formation of Edinburgh H3, r*nning in the countryside on Sundays. After a while, there was talk of starting a second pack, r*nning on midweek evenings in the city, the basis being a group of EH3 r*nners who were tra*ning for the 1984 Edinburgh Marathon. The first org*nised r*n (with no trail) took place on 7th March that year. After five ordinary r*ns they started laying trails, the first being on 11th April. Even though they were normally from people’s houses rather than from pubs, they were hashes in all but name.

The impetus for forming an official pack came when EH3, with packs of over 100 trampling over farmland and crowding out village pubs, felt compelled to close its membership. This had the immediate effect of galvanising support for an alternative hash, and so the thirteenth r*n of the unofficial pack was from a pub and open to all comers, taking place on 4th July 1984 (aptly, Independence Day).

The new hash required a name, and among the candidates were Edinburgh City H3 and Auld Reekie H3, but it was decided to call it The New Town H3. This signified its breakaway from the original Edinburgh hash, just as the New Town itself had broken away from the original Old Town of Edinburgh in 1767. It also yielded the initials TNT, giving the new pack its nickname of the Big Bang Hash, which is Scotland's largest H3 pack.

(Extracted from Qraytor's 'The Ultimate Definitive History of The New Town HHH (maybe)' in TNT 1000th Run Magazine, 2003.)

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