101 things in 1001 days


1. Get on board smoothly.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Start work and set up direct deposit

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-15 Mon 8:00

  • [ ] passport
  • [ ] work permit
  • [ ] social insurance number card
  • [ ] direct deposit documentation

DONE Organize my papers

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-14 Sun

DONE Sort out my Lotus Notes

2. Find out what my manager's goals are, what my goals are, and what my coworkers' goals are.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Ask Robert Terpstra what his objectives are for the quarter

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-15 Mon

DONE Work out a plan with Bernie Michalik and Aaron Kim

3. Be in the top 10% of people in my profession at my level.    PROJECT

Success is a PBC rating of 1?

DONE Find out how performance is measured

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-15 Mon

DONE Figure out what's involved in a PBC

4. Get five testimonials from very happy bosses, coworkers and customers.    PROJECT

DONE Ask people for their opinions after a month at work.

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-15 Thu

5. Help my manager figure out how to manage me.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Reflect on strengths, weaknesses, methods

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-14 Sun

  • What am I good at?

    You have different kinds of people on your team, and you pride yourself in being able to adapt to their unique characteristics. I want to help you learn how to manage me by sharing with you what has and hasn't worked with me in the past, and where I'd like to go in the future.

    • Application development
      • GOOD AT picking up new languages and tools
        I'm a decent programmer who can quickly pick up new languages and toolkits. For example, I learned Ruby on Rails and used it to implement my thesis, and Linden Scripting Language to build an interviewbot. If you have projects involving proprietary toolkits that need to be figured out, I would enjoy that challenge.
      • GOOD AT measurement
        I enjoy measuring my progress and working with small, incremental goals. I think testing frameworks and version control systems are useful tools, and I look forward to learning how your team does things.
      • GOOD AT mashups and adapters
        I enjoy combining different services by writing adapters or making mashups. I may enjoy interfacing with legacy systems and processing the data.
      • GOOD AT rapidly developing situational applications
        I work particularly well when I can visualize the target user of my system. I find it easy and motivating to work on a project where I know who will use it and I have frequently communicated with them. I enjoy seeing people's faces light up. I prefer rapid iterations because I can get more feedback that way. I also prefer to build on or customize existing solutions instead of writing things from scratch. Short projects with clearly-identified users may be a good fit for me, particularly while I'm still developing my time estimation and application development skills.
      • OKAY AT maintenance

        Because of my open source development, I have experience in understanding other people's code and working within their structure.

      • NEED review by experienced developers, help in developing skills
        I don't have much experience in taking a project beyond a prototype, and this is something that I'm looking forward to developing. I would prefer it if a more experienced developer reviewed my code until I gained the required skills, and if my code could be peer-reviewed afterwards. I'd also love the opportunity to learn from other people's code, and I've picked up lots of useful ideas that way.
    • Web 2.0
      • I grew up with these technologies. I want to help companies make the most of the next gen. I particularly care about HR.
      • I'm good at analyzing a situation and describing it for others.
      • I'm really good at connecting. I'm good at sucking vast quantities of information and keeping an index in my head, fishing out just the right tidbit when needed.
      • I'm good at infecting people with my enthusiasm.
      • writing, presentations, and want to get better at it we'll also be dealing with cultural change handicap: my age written is a good way to do this but might not be findable?
      • creativity, coming up with lots of ideas and seeing which ones might work applying ideas from many other areas
      • development: I can be good at doing initial connections, followup
    • Miscellaneous
      • can help your team be more visible, if that's something we want it's already easy for me to write, and it's part of my daily routine if we figure out what I can write about, then I'd love to tell stories about what coworkers are doing–could be useful marketing material, also good for internal marketing
      • I'm good at setting little goals, making progress, and keeping people informed.
      • I'm good at connecting and keeping in touch with people. I don't know why, but they care and they help.
      • I'm not afraid of speaking in front of people or of writing. I enjoy doing that, and I want to get even better at it.
      • I'm good at contingency planning and figuring out how to move forward.
      • I'm good at keeping an eye out for relevant stories.
      • I'm good at helping people come up with creative solutions that combine tech and soc.
      • I'm good at gluing things together using adapters, parsers, etc.
      • amplifying positive emotions bring energy in getting people more excited supporting brainstorming, exploration
      • diffusing negative emotions helped my parents resolve their conflicts know how to separate the message from the emotions
      • empathy, relationship-building followup to projects we've done

      I enjoy learning about many things and meeting and of a wide variety of people

      • application development
        • personalization, concrete user
        • prototype, need to develop skills in writing more solid code
  • What are you weak at?

    Although people who are resistant to social computing can still appreciate my enthusiasm for it, my youth makes they will find it easy to discount presentations I make unless I can learn the vocabulary of business and present a more compelling case.

    I'm not very

  • How can I motivate you?
    • Measurement
    • People
    • Enthusiasm
  • What would demotivate you?
  • Where do you see yourself?

    Connection breadth


6. Submit my application for permanent residency.    PROJECT

DONE 30min Write a clean version

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-28 Sun

DONE Make checklist of papers

DONE Write Ateneo letter about PR

7. Renew my Canadian visa.    PROJECT

DONE Fill out Canadian visa form on Windows.

Print out bank statement online.

Pay $150 online.

8. Renew my work permit for 2009.    PROJECT

DONE Assemble paperwork for permit renewal

SCHEDULED: 2008-06-01 Sun

9. Get a G Canadian driver's license.    PROJECT

TODO Take another driving lesson.

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-23 Fri

10. Renew my US visa.    PROJECT

DONE http://evisaforms.state.gov/

SCHEDULED: 2007-12-01 Sat

11. Renew my Philippine passport.    PROJECT

Expiring in July 2009

DONE Assemble paperwork for renewing passport

SCHEDULED: 2009-01-01 Thu

Connecting with People

12. Develop at least three new mentor relationships.    PROJECT

DONE Find out about IBM mentorship programs.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-15 Mon

DONE Find out how I can sign up for mentoring.

Look for an IBM mentor in consulting.

Look for an IBM mentor in sales.

Look for an IBM mentor in marketing.

13. Organize my contacts according to interest and purpose.    PROJECT

DONE Make it easy to see

14. Figure out my 30-second introduction.    PROJECT

DONE Write a base 35-word introduction - the "test".

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-08 Mon CLOSED: 2007-10-08 Mon 22:11

  • CLOSING NOTE 2007-10-08 Mon 22:11

I'm a technology evangelist. I help people find the technology that's just right for them by listening to their needs and telling them stories about how other people have made the most of the tools.

TODO Give a concrete example of how I saved someone lots time using tools that people will have heard of but maybe not yet tried out.

15. Have weekend conversations with my family for one month in a row.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Connect with my family

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-28 Sun 10:45

  • CLOSING NOTE 2007-10-14 Sun 10:38
    Chatted on Skype, 45 minutes

2007-10-07 Sun Video call with mom, chat with Wayne and Jessica 2007-09-30 Sat Skype call, found out about Dad's kidney stone problem

16. Have six people over for tea.    PROJECT CANCELLED

DONE Move tea party to earlier and see what that's like

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-21 Sun 13:00

17. Organize an event outside home.    PROJECT

18. Increase my active network to 300 people (people I'd talked to in the last 3 months and whom I know pretty well).    PROJECT

DONE Review my 3-6 months contacts and see who I want to get back in touch with.

Write more testimonials

  • DONE Write Jane Reid a testimonial on LinkedIn
    SCHEDULED: 2007-10-21 Sun

    Jane Reid was my recruiter contact when I joined IBM. Although my case was complicated by the fact that I was an international student who needed to apply for the post-graduate work permit, her attention to detail helped us avoid problems. Now I'm a happy IBMer, partly thanks to her!

Make the most of my alumni affiliations

  • Contact the U of T Career Centre; also, see if I can access the contact directory
    SCHEDULED: 2007-10-29 Mon
  • Revamp Ateneo Alumni Association of Canada website. ARGH!
    2007-10-10 Wed
    Boy Reyes (905) 858-3845 Membership

19. Create a flashcard game to help me remember names.    PROJECT

DONE Find out how to grab pictures from Facebook.

TODO Parse the data and pull it into my Emacs BBDB

20. Write 100 postcards or letters.    PROJECT

DONE Drop off bunch of postcards.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue

DONE Send a postcard to Quinn Fung.

21. Organize a mastermind group of at least 6 20-somethings.    PROJECT

Gabriel Mansour Driss Benzakour Florina

TODO Find a way to share goals with friends and see friends' goals - perhaps on 43things

22. Host a LifeCamp.    PROJECT

Goal - end of January

TODO Plan the program

SCHEDULED: 2007-12-01 Sat

Compile a list of possible venues.

Compile a guest list.

Send out an announcement.

23. Compile a list of 10 favorite places to invite people to (lunch, dinner, coffee).    PROJECT

  • Linux Caffe
  • Choco Sol
  • Bodega
  • Farcoast
  • cafe beside 120 Bloor St E

TODO Ask friends for recommendations.

24. Organize my contacts and notes so that I can help people quickly by referring them to relevant people and resources.    PROJECT

DONE Organize my book notes.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue CLOSED: 2007-10-09 Tue 10:02

TODO Update my book notes

25. Refine living arrangements.    PROJECT

DONE Replace "we should" with other alternatives for one week straight.

TODO Contribute to the food budget and workload

26. Do something personal with close friends at least once a month, for five months in a row.    PROJECT

TODO Find an upcoming event or class that I'd like to share with others.

27. Do at least one loving thing every day for a month.    PROJECT

TODO Compile a list of ideas

28. Build a web-based contact review or task management system.    PROJECT

DONE Look at how org-mode organizes the agenda.

SCHEDULED: 2007-12-01 Sat

TODO Mark up an org-mode file on the Net

29. Get to know the neighbors.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Find out Joey and Wendy's dietary restrictions.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-29 Mon

DONE Meet the neighbors during an event

Reading, Writing, and Sharing

30. Write and publish a 350-page book about Emacs    PROJECT

DONE Send No Starch Press contract 2007-10-11 Thu 12:08

DONE Set up Org and get used to using it as my agenda

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-11 Thu

DONE work on my book

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-11 Thu 19:00

TODO Finish the raw text for the first chapter in my book.

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-04 Sun

Write another 3 blog entries about Emacs and schedules

Learn how to blog using Org

31. Write 50 blog posts about Enterprise 2.0, professional networking and contact relationship management    PROJECT

TODO Write first article for emerging technologies blog

32. Get as deep into Lotus Notes as I am into Emacs. Blog!    PROJECT

DONE Get a computer capable of running Lotus Notes 8

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-22 Mon

DONE Read all of Alan Lepofsky's blog on Lotus Notes

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-08 Mon CLOSED: 2007-10-08 Mon 17:25

  • CLOSING NOTE 2007-10-08 Mon 17:26
    I want to be Alan Lepofsky, only with more code. =) I'll find out if I can make that my specialty on Robert's team.

DONE Download the Lotus Notes 8 manual

TODO Add a Reply With History button to my Notes

33. Write a guide to social networking in the enterprise.    PROJECT

TODO Write a use case

34. Make it to 1000 readers on my blog.    PROJECT

DONE Develop a blogging plan.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-11 Thu

  • Blog: Keeping track of contacts
  • Blog: Millenials and the workplace
  • Blog: Keeping in touch
  • Blog: Bringing people together
  • Blog: 101 Goals
  • DONE Blog: Trapeze
  • Blog: Making it personal
  • Blog:

DONE Braindump notes from Ian Irving

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-14 Sun CLOSED: 2007-10-13 Sat 10:37

TODO Figure out what I'm passionate enough about to blog about three times a week

35. Keep notes on 300 books.    PROJECT

DONE Copy notes from due library books.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue CLOSED: 2007-10-09 Tue 16:17

TODO Copy more notes from library books

36. Make 500 comments on blogs.    PROJECT

DONE Comment on someone's blog

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-11 Thu

TODO Find a better way of keeping track of the comments I make on people's blogs.

37. Teach a class or seminar.    PROJECT

TODO Prepare talk on organizing contacts

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-01 Thu

38. Create a book notes system to help me review books.    PROJECT

DONE Copy notes from howm into org-mode.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue CLOSED: 2007-10-09 Tue 10:01

TODO Add booksnake to my workflow

39. Make $25,000 from writing.    PROJECT

DONE Receive Linuxworld check for $350

TODO Submit three chapters of my book

40. Have another article published.    PROJECT

TODO Write up my thesis as a Lotus Connections mashup article and post on Developerworks?

SCHEDULED: 2009-01-01 Thu

41. Speak at a conference.    PROJECT DONE


42. Publish a screencast tutorial.    PROJECT

DONE Screencast Dogear. Great stuff!

43. Spend half an hour blogging every day for a month.    PROJECT

9:00 PM to 9:30 PM

TODO Go for one week


44. Develop an investment portfolio for the long-term.    PROJECT

TODO Set up an RRSP account for index funds

45. Max out my RRSP contribution for each year.    PROJECT

TODO Set up my personal finance tracking to 'hold' 18% of my first paycheck

46. Accumulate at least $50,000 of capital.    PROJECT

DONE Prepare spending plan for first year

DONE Set up direct deposit

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-16 Tue

TODO Transfer $1567 each payday into savings

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed

TODO Review spending plan    MONEY

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-30 Fri

47. Establish passive sources of income paying at least $100 a month.    PROJECT

30,000 of capital will do that

TODO Organize ideas for passive sources of income.

48. Halve my expenses for one month, just to see what else is trimmable.    PROJECT

TODO Track expenses for November

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed

Charity and Gifts

49. Donate $13,000 (~$5,000/year)    PROJECT

DONE Add charity to my spending budget, decide on proportion

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-10 Wed

TODO Set aside $ 417 each month for charity

Donate every time I hit $1000


  • Toronto Public Library
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Toronto Community Employment Services?

50. Find an efficient way to donate money to the Philippines.

TODO Get in touch with the Ayala Foundation

51. Go to a charity fundraiser.    PROJECT

Hmm. Do I really want to get all gussied up for the Book Lover's Ball? Not really. I'd like to go to a charity event where I get to really know the issues and to help out even more by connecting people to other people. I care about employment.

TODO Look for a list of non-profit events geared towards entrepreneurship or new Canadians

52. Give away 20 books.    PROJECT

TODO Find out if any of my friends have Amazon wishlists

53. Sponsor a scholarship or literacy center in a developing nation.    PROJECT

TODO Donate $2500 to Room to Read.

SCHEDULED: 2010-01-01 Fri

54. Donate to my alumni organizations.    PROJECT

TODO Send money to Ateneo CS dept


55. Exercise 3x a week for a month.    PROJECT

56. Drink eight glasses of water every day for a month.    PROJECT

57. Eat fruit every day for a month.    PROJECT

58. Wake up at 6 every day for a month.    PROJECT

59. Make it up and over the trapeze with confidence.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Go to trapeze lessons.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue 19:30

DONE Trapeze lessons

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-16 Tue 19:30-21:30 +1w

DONE Make it smoothly onto the bar in trapeze classes

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-16 Tue

60. Have a regular general practitioner and dentist.    PROJECT

TODO Find a GP.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-29 Mon

61. Find physical exercise I love.    PROJECT

DONE Try trapeze for a month.

DEADLINE: 2007-11-09 Fri SCHEDULED: 2007-10-26 Fri

62. Get over my fear of falling from heights. (Hence the trapeze lessons.)    PROJECT DONE

DONE Get up on the trapeze and not be afraid.

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-01 Thu

63. Take a month of trapeze lessons.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Finish a month of trapeze lessons.

Deadline: 2007-11-01 Tue 19:30

64. Take introductory lessons in tennis, golf, or some other social sport that I can do forever. (Maybe golf because Stephen plays golf too. Expensive, though.)    PROJECT

TODO Find an introductory tennis lesson.

SCHEDULED: 2008-09-01 Mon


65. Try 50 new recipes.    PROJECT

DONE Lemon chicken

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-05 Fri

TODO Find giftable vegan recipe for friends

66. Take ten good portraits.    PROJECT

DONE Ian Irving

TODO Take W-'s picture

67. Get two strobes and learn how to shoot with them.    PROJECT

TODO Save $50 a month for a strobe.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed

68. Have a good head-shot taken.    PROJECT

TODO Make or buy an umbrella reflector

69. Learn how to play Fur Elise (simplified).    PROJECT DONE

DONE Play Your Choice

70. Turn corners on my skateboard.    PROJECT WAITING

TODO Try again next summer

71. Collect 100 pictures of people I know.    PROJECT

DONE Bring a camera to meeting on Wednesday

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-10 Wed 19:00

TODO Download pics from Facebook

72. Find out how I photograph well.    PROJECT

TODO Review my pictures and see which ones I like.

73. Get some magnetic poetry.    PROJECT CANCELLED

DONE Check for space on the fridge.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-08 Mon CLOSED: 2007-10-09 Tue 07:58

  • CLOSING NOTE 2007-10-09 Tue 07:58
    A little crowded. Magnetic poetry low priority.

74. Take 10 pictures around the house.    PROJECT

TODO Take a picture of the bathroom wooden things.

75. Raise a decent herb garden and not kill it.    PROJECT

DONE Decide which herbs I'll find useful.

garlic, tomatoes

TODO Trim current garden

Gadgets and Stuff

76. Buy a PDA/phone.    PROJECT CANCELLED

77. Sync the PDA with my Emacs setup.    PROJECT CANCELLED

78. Update my computer to the latest version of Ubuntu.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Updated to Feisty.

79. Get another ultraportable computer.    PROJECT CANCELLED

80. Enable spam-filtered public comments for my blog.    PROJECT

TODO Switch to org and possibly blosxom, or cross-post to WP

81. Put this list on my blog.    PROJECT

DONE Try out org-publish.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-09 Tue

TODO Generate table from org, also good for review

82. Get podcasts on a portable device that can also record notes.    PROJECT CANCELLED

DONE Decide on standalone MP3/voice rec or all-in-one PDA.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-22 Mon

Organization and Productivity

83. Organize my stationery.    PROJECT

TODO Finish a box of cards.

SCHEDULED: 2007-12-01 Sat

84. Organize my summer and winter wardrobes.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Unpack my winter wardrobe

85. Organize my mindmaps for quick review and addition.    PROJECT DONE

86. Set up weekly backups and make it practically automatic.    PROJECT

TODO Set up rsync to my dreamhost

SCHEDULED: 2007-11-01 Thu

87. Figure out a good way to make my ongoing projects visible.    PROJECT

DONE Assign next actions to all of my ongoing projcets.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-08 Mon CLOSED: 2007-10-08 Mon 22:09

  • CLOSING NOTE 2007-10-08 Mon 22:09
    Yay! Everything is scheduled!

DONE Show all the stuck tasks and unscheduled tasks.

TODO Summarize projects with next actions

88. Use my 43 folders tickler for three months.    PROJECT

DONE Simplify folder files.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-10 Wed
Hmm. I don't need to file a lot of paper. Maybe I can simplify this to 4 weeks of folders.

TODO Process inbox

89. Find out how to use ironing and exercising time more effectively. (Podcasts?)    PROJECT DONE

Do not actually do that much ironing now. Listen to podcasts or think while exercising.

90. Organize my coats and shoes for easy access.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Move some of my shoes from upstairs to downstairs.    @HOME

DONE Move shoe rack.

91. Organize my blog entries and highlight good articles.    PROJECT

DONE Review my last month of blog entries.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-23 Tue

TODO Cross-post by topic and make it easy to discover.

92. Try out Org.    PROJECT DONE

DONE Move to using Org for my tasks.

96. Organize my wardrobe.    PROJECT

TODO Take pictures of all the clothes.


93. Visit home.    PROJECT

I'm going to fly home on March 10. Yay!

TODO Replenish my travel fund.

File for Canadian visa.

Plan itinerary.

94. Visit friends in Vancouver.    PROJECT

TODO Set savings budget.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed

95. Visit friends in Montreal.    PROJECT

TODO Set savings budget.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed


97. Go for day at spa. (Just to see what it's like!)    PROJECT

TODO Go for day at spa.

98. Attend opera.    PROJECT

TODO Attend Bickford opera season

99. Watch a play.    PROJECT

TODO Find a play that I'm interested in seeing.

100. Assemble a two-week wardrobe I love.    PROJECT

TODO Inventory my clothes.

101. Set aside $2000 as my book budget for new acquisitions.    PROJECT

TODO Build $25 each month into my budget.

SCHEDULED: 2007-10-31 Wed