Some villain you are. You lose alright? Everyone is living happily and now you're dead in some ditch right now. \n\nTerrible.\n\nThe End.
No. No way. They're fucking with my tags right now. You send the minions to kill the fucker who keeps doing this.\n\nWord gets back that a bunch of more people die and you're giddy like a school girl. You're tag will now be clear.\n\nWoah. You're beyond villainous. Straight up crazy. Good job though.\n\nThe End.
If you want something done evily then do it yourself.\n\nYou head to her small cell and pay her a visit. Should we just [[do it quick]]? Or is that [[not evil enough]]?
You are the villian. You usually lose in the end of fairy tales. Try and change that.\n\n[[Yeah let's do this.]]\n\n[[Nah I like happy endings.]]
You dump the princess's mutlated remains in front of her parents and they kinda aren't jazzed about it. The queen is crying her freaking eyes out and trying to look away. The king is trying to hold up the facade that he's calm but you can tell he's a broken man now. \n\nThe kingdom is gonna be talking about this for ages and ages. You're one villianous person. You should be super proud right now. \n\nI fell like we could do more though. First, what are we gonna do about the royal losers here.\n\nWe could geti t over with and just [[kill em]]. Or we could let em [[live with it]]. Ya' know. Just the full on despair going. Hey. I don't care which one you do. Just, ya' know, throwing out some suggestions.
Yeah alright. It's been a long day. We just climb into bed and cover up with our Gravity Falls duvet. So freaking comfy.\n\nWell that was fun. You're a true villain.\n\nThe End.
We go log into our tumblr and surf for awhile. Everyone is posting about the princess's demise and we think this is pretty sweet. Should we check out some of our saved tag searches or just sleep?\n\n[[Sleep time]].\n\n[[Sure way not. I'm a fucking villain.]]
Damn. We're pretty dark. Just standing here and watching the king and queen cry over the completely messed up remains of the princess. Are you getting horny? Weird.\n\nAnyway, we are pretty damn bad. Like, seriously. We will be spoken up for some time. A job well done our book.\n\nThe End.
Okay then. You're holding this stuck-up chick hostage. The days pass by as you wait for a hero to come by.\n\n[[Let's wait alittle more.]]\n\nHint: The hero never comes. and you're stuck with this chick forever. The End.
You Villain
Mmmmmm. A cheeseburger. Fucking delicious. Now we're all full and villainous. \n\nWe had such a great day. Killed some people. Had a burger. How could it get any better. We bad. We bad motherfucker.\n\nThe End.
You're too big of a villain to kill her. Yawn. Looks like the goat and the mole are taking care of her. \n\nThat's gonna be a closed coffin furenal for sure.\n\nNow that ordeal is over. Hey. I got an idea. Let's up the game alittle bit and send the body back to her father.\n\n[[Now you're getting villainous.]]\n\n[[Nah. Killing her is enough.]]
Damn right it does. We're fucking villainous champs. We snap a couple pics of the princess, upload them, hyperlink them in a tweet and send it to @DaKingBosss and @QueenMe420 so they know what happened to their princess.\n\nAre you tired? I know I am. Damn. We've been working really hard ya' know? So we go grab a quick bite to eat then just sit atop our throne. \n\nBad. Ass.\n\nThe End.
Okay fine. Let's kill them. We send the mole and the goat to take care of it as we just head home to the castle. Villain work is tiring. \n\nSo we got our place in the history books now. Kiled a princess. Gave her fucked up remains to her parents. Killed them. Then went home for a nap. \n\nThe End.
If you're gonna do something, do it evil-like. You grab her and precede to kill her slowly. A piece here and a piece there. She just keeps screaming and screaming to no end.\n\nThe princess finally stops the screaming due to shock. She has loss quite abit of blood and flesh. Good. She was getting on our nerves with the constant "No! Please! Stop! I'll do anything! PLEASE! OH GOD PLEASE!". \n\nYawn. She's dead now. You look at your very bloody hands. Filthy.\n\n[[Shower time]].\n\n[[Leave it. Makes me look badass]].
We click into the shota/yaoi tag. This is some pretty tasteful stuff. Nice. There is also some scammer videos and something about a singing hamster.\n\n[[What the fuck is this hamster shit?]]\n\n[[Whatever. I'm tired.]]
Even better. Let them spread the story of what we did here. It'll really up our credability as a villian.\n\nI'm bored now. \n\n[[Let's grab a snack]].\n\n[[Hold on. I'm not done watching them yet]].
Okay then. You're holding this stuck-up chick hostage. The days pass by as you wait for a hero to come by.\n\n[[Let's wait alittle more.]]
So you leave your cozy castle and go grab yourself a princess. That's evil right? Yeah that's pretty damn evil.\n\nSo do you wanna just [[hold her]] till some jackass hero shows up to save her? Or just [[kill her]]?
Well she's dead. Kinda stinking up the place now ya'know? Everything in the kingdom knows she died (one way or another) from your hands.\n\nHey now, don't feel bad. You're a villain. Suck it up. \n\nYou're well known as the killer of princesses and most people fear you. Good job. You're a real villain now.\n\nThe End.
Yeah. Who cares. Just trolls. So we head to bed and just pass out. Tumblr sure is tiring.\n\nThe End.
CNIAngel is the twisted bastard who made this.
You grab her by the neck and dispatch the princess by quickly snapping her neck. \n\nShe's dead. \n\nStory's over. You're a villain alright. Not the best, but eh that's kinda based on someone's point-of-view.\n\nThe End.
Smart move. This will build up our villain creed. Do you wanna kill her [[yourself]] or just get one of your [[goons]] to do it?
We step into the shower and wash up. Ahhhhhhh, refreshing. We use that special shampoo for dandruff that makes our hair soft and smell like lilacs. Hey. Just because we're evil doesn't mean we can't smell good.\n\n[[All clean. I wonder what's going on with Tumblr]].
The goat, the mole, and yourself pay the kingdom a visit. At first we were just gonna dump her near the king's castle. \n\nBoring.\n\nSo we came up with something new. We stormed the castle and started slashing and multialting every poor bastard in our way to the throne room.\n\nHmmm. The king and queen look pretty sad for some reason. Oh yeah we took their daughter. Well they probably won't like this next bit.\n\n[[Yeah they probably won't.]]