I help online businesses to improve conversion rates and increase brand awareness.
I also help StartUp founders through business planning and mentoring.

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Digital Marketing

  • Brand Awareness

    enhancing your image in your customer's mind

    Self-PR, although a long term solution, now has the highest rate of ROI for any marketing activity online.I work with clients to help them take responsibility for their own online PR and to identify avenues that can be used in order to raise the company or individual profile online. This is usually through directing the client on creating engaging or viral content, selecting the right social mediums to expose it to and executing in an effective manner.

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation

    While Search Engine Optimisation generally now plays second fiddle to Social Media and Viral Marketing strategies, it is still important to make sure your content can be found when it is being searched for. An effective SEO Campaign makes sure your website has the correct underlying structure, and passes relevant search engine tests such as page loading speed, broken links and sitemaps. I help clients by making sure their site meets search engine requirements and has the correct structure to maximise ranking potential. I also assist with keyword analysis for keyword targeting.

  • Conversion Optimisation

    simple layout and design changes that increase conversion rates

    A simple change in the placing of a button, or introducing or removing certain elements from a web page can improve conversion rates by an amazing 50% or more. Through the use of AB Testing and Web Analytics, I help clients to improve their web conversion rates.

  • Web Analytics

    understanding your audience

    Web Analytics help you collect and measure internet data. Through the use of various analytics tools, I seek to understand the client's target audience and use the data to develop strategies for SEO, Brand Awareness and Conversion Optimisation.


  • Product Focus

    solving the right problem

    All good StartUps exist to solve a problem or an itch. I work with StartUp Founders to make sure that the problem their product intends to solve is the best choice for value creation, as well as making sure the product is effective at its intended purpose by design.

  • Business Models

    evaluating financial success potential

    It can be difficult to forecast the potential success of a new product or service. Many StartUp founders find it difficult to ask the right questions and perform the appropriate research in order to evaluate the soundness of their business model. I work with StartUp Founders and ask them the right questions for their product and market, while also assisting with market research and financial evaluation to maximise chances of success, or to aid investment.

  • Life Coaching

    motivation and support

    My style of coaching is best suited to people either looking to start a new business and make a clean break, or for existing business owners looking to take their business to the next level. I am able to provide coaching that helps to solve a number of issues. Some examples of which are, time management, motivational and inspirational discussion, critical thinking, reading advice and someone to "bounce ideas off" for lifestyle changes.

User Experience

  • UX Design

    optimising the user experience

    User Experience design differs from graphic design in that it governs the way a site or app behaves and the kind of experience it evokes for users. I help clients by providing guidance on improving the user experience for their app by evaluating and determining solutions for the most effective way for an app to serve its purpose in order to foster loyalty amongst the users. I favour function over form and try to identify areas of friction.

  • MockUps/Prototyping

    creating mock screens for developers or end-users

    Mock screens and prototypes provide a reliable way of demonstrating the intended end result of a website or app. I can work with you or your development team to wireframe/sketch your app and develop mock screens on paper, wireframing apps and html.

  • User Flow Sketching

    determining how the app should work

    User flows connect mock screens together and demonstrate how the app works through a prototype. I can work with you or your development team to design a user flow for your app and put together a semi-functional prototype in html.

Web Technologies

  • HTML5

    new features and cross browser compatibility

    I have a working knowledge of HTML5 and cross-browser issues that support my User Experience and Web Development work. I favour popular grid systems for ease and speed of development.

  • CSS3

    css3 and less.css

    I work with both CSS3 and LESS.css in order to create mockup screens and prototypes. I also work with css to mody existing html templates and themes. I favour frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap for rapid development.

  • Javascript

    client-side and server-side javascript

    Although I am not primarily from a programming background, I have a working knowledge of javascript, and associated frameworks such as jQuery. While I rarely produce my own code, i'm able to read code and make minor modifications and tweaks. I'm currently a big fan of Node.js for server-side development.

  • Performance

    improving page load performance

    Web page performance is quickly becoming a critical part of development, and is an important part of improving the user experience and search engine ranking potential. I work with clients to determine factors that affect page load performance and evaluating solutions for improving load times. I have worked with a number of CDNs and have a working knowledge of coding related performance issues.

Digital Marketing

  • Analytics

  • Social Media

  • Site SEO

  • AB Testing

StartUp Mentoring

  • Life Coaching

  • Business Models

  • Product Design

  • Market Research

  • MVP

User Experience

  • User Flow Design

  • UI Elements

  • Wireframe/Sketch

  • Prototyping


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • SQL

  • Wordpress

  • Photoshop

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