You throw the alarm clock as far as possible with all the strength you can muster. You hear another sound, the sound of plastic crashing on a concrete wall and, to your relief, with it comes the end of the other sound.

Absolute silence is followed by absolute darkness. You look, and the shades are gone. With darkness, comes stillness. You try to move, or you imagine you are trying to move, and you don’t. And why would you care to move anyway? The sound is gone, your hand has served its purpose. You feel a pleasant chill overwhelming your body, and then that’s gone too. For all you know, you might not posses a body any more.

You feel serene as you are being unborn, the encroaching darkness reaching your mind. Your last thoughts are peaceful as you are turning into nothingness, just like you were before the sound, just like you wanted. No more alarm clocks, no more feelings, no more wondering, no more duties, known or unknown. Just... peace. Forever.