You try to turn off the alarm. Trying doesn’t necessary equals doing, your fingers are clumsy and you can’t seem to find the switch, but in this instance your attempts cause the expected effect. The damned sound finally subsides, and the clock slips gently through your fingers, as your thoughts are darkened almost immediately.

During your sleep you think you hear of the sound of breaking glass, but it has no effect on you other than make you turn over.

When much later you wake up, the room is brightly lit. You dully peer around, and you see the chair and the table illuminated by a warm light. Then you feel something hard next to your head, and you look at the alarm clock. It reads 10:42. And the realisation comes to your mind. "Oh, shit", you say loudly, and jump out of your bed.

You are late, you are hopelessly late for...
Your appointment.