Marine Ecology


Goshen College owns and manages the J.N. Roth Marine Biology Station in the Florida Keys.  We offer a Mayterm class every year, which students can take multiple times if they wish to return for independent research projects.  Students can also apply for the Marine Biology Internship, which allows them to study with graduate students and professors from Old Dominion University, who have ongoing projects at our station.  Click here to see the 2013 blog.

Students and I began one small project in Florida in 2010.  We artificially clipped Thalassia testudinum beds to mimic the role that green sea turtles historically played in creating grazing lawns.  Students measured the response of fish and invertebrate species to the newly clipped plots.


For more than 40 years students from Goshen have been completing research projects during their Mayterm course.  An ongoing interest is to publish data from student papers compiled over the last 40 years to document changes in species distribution and diversity.

If you are a student and have interest in helping with research at our Marine Station, please contact Dr. Ryan Sensenig (


Dr. Duane Kauffmann, Professor Emeritus of Goshen College, has worked in the Keys for more than 30 years and has developed a variety of keys useful for identification of algae and snails.  These are freely available as downloads (Word), or click on these links for webpages:


Key to the Snails of the Middle Florida Keys

Key to red algae.htm

Key to the brown algae.htm

Key to the green algae.htm


Key to the Snails of the Middle Florida Keys

Key to the Red Algae

Key to the Brown Algae

Key to the Green Algae