Welcome to our web site, “Oroville, The Forgotten Golden City”.  We're the O-Unit from the Chico California Upward Bound Projects. This year was a great and challenging year for our group. Our project focused on our dearest town, Oroville. The reason why we choose to focus on our town is because we want to educate our viewers on a town that they never knew existed. Be as it may, a lot of people wonder what has become of Oroville and why. Some don't even know that there is such a town called Oroville, and it's very sad to know that nobody knows where you're from. So we made this web site to inform everyone about our town's history and current events; also, we have added pictures and graphic to help our viewers to understand the beauty of Oroville.

It features information on parks such as Riverbend Park, Bedrock, and other information on recreation.  As for history, we have information on the Chinese temple, the floods, and the municipal auditorium.  We have stories on how Oroville was named and historical figures.

There are those who don’t know a thing about our town and would probably wonder what it is like living there.  It could be surprising that there are more things in town than usual.  Some don’t even know that there is such a town called Oroville in California; yet, we want to show how Oroville became the town it is today. So our group has decided to tell the viewers how Oroville is like through our Orovillian eyes.






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