Evonne & Veronica's
Dropquest Process

For everyone's entertainment, here is how we solved Dropbox's Dropquest 2011 together, over MSN & GTalk.

FYI, these are excerpts taken from our private conversation, so please excuse our language. I've tried to replace most vulgarities with #%$!^#*&^. Also, some parts are in Mandarin or dialect, so if you don't understand, just guess!

AM 12.51.03 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011
AM 12.51.07 Veronica: its 404 now
AM 12.51.13 Veronica: but in a few hours time
AM 12.51.15 Veronica: there's a contest

AM 12.51.20 Evonne: to do what.

AM 12.51.23 Veronica: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=30339&replies=2

AM 12.51.47 Evonne: Prizes: • Completion: 1 GB for life
AM 12.51.48 Evonne: wow
AM 12.51.48 Evonne: LOL

AM 12.51.49 Veronica: yea

AM 02.58.30 Veronica: 2 mins.
AM 02.58.31 Veronica: xD

AM 03.02.30 Evonne: ?
AM 03.02.31 Evonne: LOL

AM 03.02.36 Veronica: start alr

AM 03.02.41 Evonne: okay step 1
AM 03.02.42 Evonne: LOL

AM 03.02.47 Veronica: 284

AM 03.03.21 Evonne: 500 Internal Server Error
AM 03.03.21 Evonne: ....

AM 03.03.23 Veronica: yea
AM 03.03.24 Veronica: -_-"
AM 03.03.27 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^
AM 03.03.28 Veronica: hahahaa

AM 03.03.31 Evonne: wtf

AM 03.04.56 Veronica: wo men bei pian le

AM 03.05.14 Evonne: 404 not found
AM 03.05.17 Evonne: then 500 intl server error
AM 03.05.17 Evonne: roar
AM 03.05.23 Evonne: actually after a while
AM 03.05.24 Evonne: it loaded
AM 03.05.27 Evonne: but no images only text
AM 03.05.33 Evonne: -_-

AM 03.11.14 Veronica: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=284

AM 03.11.31 Evonne: 500 Internal Server Error
AM 03.11.31 Evonne: *roar*

AM 03.11.45 Veronica: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/211024/Step4.zip

AM 03.12.02 Evonne: is getting the 500 server error part of the plan?
AM 03.12.03 Evonne: LOL

AM 03.12.33 Veronica: tip is
AM 03.12.34 Veronica: Sometimes, I wish Dropbox had a mascot. 38.889, -94.703
AM 03.12.37 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^

AM 03.12.52 Evonne: -_-"
AM 03.13.19 Evonne: 55 814

AM 03.13.36 Veronica: ?

AM 03.14.05 Evonne: the answer? lol

AM 03.14.15 Veronica: nope

AM 03.14.20 Evonne: altitude
AM 03.14.21 Evonne: ?

AM 03.14.26 Veronica: i think it's some kind of coordinates

AM 03.15.50 Evonne: is it their office location?

AM 03.15.57 Veronica: i wish i knew
AM 03.15.58 Veronica: hahaha
AM 03.16.04 Veronica: WORK WORK
AM 03.16.05 Veronica: FIND OUT

AM 03.16.51 Evonne: i mapped it on google map
AM 03.16.56 Evonne: 13260 switzer rd?

AM 03.19.49 Veronica: cannot
AM 03.19.55 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^. i HATE that the forum is not loading

AM 03.19.56 Evonne: the coords are correct
AM 03.19.58 Evonne: or very very near by
AM 03.20.02 Evonne: i checked
AM 03.20.05 Evonne: its that address

AM 03.20.42 Veronica: it has something to do with mascot

AM 03.21.40 Evonne: blue valley northwest high
AM 03.21.41 Evonne: has a mascot?
AM 03.22.06 Evonne: THE MASCOT IS A HUSKY

AM 03.22.11 Veronica: LOL

AM 03.22.12 Evonne: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Valley_Northwest_High_School
AM 03.22.15 Evonne: Huskies
AM 03.22.16 Evonne: quick
AM 03.22.16 Evonne: LOL
AM 03.22.59 Evonne: http://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/r
AM 03.23.01 Evonne: GO GO

AM 03.23.07 Veronica: LOL
AM 03.23.16 Veronica: i think we should just try that url with all sorts of ending

AM 03.23.30 Evonne: how #%$!^#*&^ do i move it

AM 03.23.33 Veronica: click
AM 03.24.18 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/0
AM 03.24.22 Veronica: 33739

AM 03.24.23 Evonne: i suck at this
AM 03.24.28 Evonne: HOW DID U SOLVE IT
AM 03.24.36 Evonne: I GOT AN ERROR

AM 03.24.40 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/p

AM 03.24.50 Evonne: its blank

AM 03.25.03 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/b

AM 03.25.45 Evonne: i cant click on anything
AM 03.25.47 Evonne: is it like unique

AM 03.27.43 Veronica: i hate sudoku

AM 03.28.32 Evonne: huh
AM 03.28.37 Evonne: whats 3612th prime number

AM 03.28.44 Veronica: i gave u the ans alr

AM 03.28.46 Evonne: i actually solved the puzzle....
AM 03.28.47 Evonne: im impressed

AM 03.29.04 Veronica: 33739

AM 03.29.12 Evonne: Bring your thinking cap for your next stop. Let's remember to take things slowly though. Often, it's best to look behind the obvious. Go forth, to victory!
AM 03.29.12 Evonne: har?
AM 03.30.02 Evonne: oh okay
AM 03.31.19 Evonne: I LOVE SUDOKU
AM 03.31.20 Evonne: BUT I HATE NUMBERS

AM 03.31.29 Veronica: its alphabets.
AM 03.31.29 Veronica: LOL

AM 03.31.37 Evonne: i mean alphabets
AM 03.31.38 Evonne: wtf

AM 03.39.17 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^. i hate sudoku

AM 03.39.31 Evonne: i converted it into numbers : x

AM 03.39.38 Veronica: ...
AM 03.39.49 Veronica: that is actually.. very smart.
AM 03.39.50 Veronica: omg

AM 03.39.53 Evonne: u want it?
AM 03.39.54 Evonne: i give u ss

Evonne is offering to send file Picture 23.png (AM 03.40.01)
Starting transfer of Picture 23.png from Evonne (AM 03.40.08)
Transfer of file Picture 23.png complete (AM 03.40.18)

AM 03.41.13 Evonne: its quite hard
AM 03.41.18 Evonne: maybe i need to bring the laptop into toilet
AM 03.41.19 Evonne: do while shitting
AM 03.41.20 Evonne: LOL

AM 03.47.44 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/o

AM 03.48.00 Evonne: error
AM 03.48.02 Evonne: send me ur ss

AM 03.48.09 Veronica: https://skitch.com/veronism/rj1f2/dock

AM 03.49.46 Evonne: ?_?
AM 03.49.47 Evonne: nothing happens omg
AM 03.49.48 Evonne: lol

AM 03.49.51 Veronica: wait?

AM 03.50.09 Evonne: okay done
AM 03.50.20 Evonne: Good job! You've successfully completed 10 steps! You've earned over 250MB! We hope you've enjoyed the hunt! You must be pretty tired though, so maybe it's time to go home and get some well-deserved rest.
AM 03.50.21 Evonne: wtf?

AM 03.50.28 Veronica: go to ur dropbox home

AM 03.50.32 Evonne: i also thought so
AM 03.50.33 Evonne: LOL
AM 03.50.35 Evonne: i tot
AM 03.50.36 Evonne: in chinese
AM 03.50.37 Evonne: this is like
AM 03.50.39 Evonne: "GO HOME!"
AM 03.50.40 Evonne: (teng chu)
AM 03.50.41 Evonne: HAHA

AM 03.50.46 Veronica: LOL

AM 03.51.01 Evonne: im home.
AM 03.51.02 Evonne: THEN WHAT

AM 03.51.08 Veronica: there's a link on top
AM 03.51.12 Veronica: refresh the page if u dont see it

AM 03.51.25 Evonne: finally
AM 03.51.26 Evonne: lol
AM 03.51.31 Evonne: SIMI HAIKU

AM 03.51.35 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^.. book of haikus page 18
AM 03.51.37 Veronica: WHICH BOOK

AM 03.51.44 Evonne: issit web url 18
AM 03.51.45 Evonne: lol

AM 03.51.50 Veronica: apparently not

AM 03.52.00 Evonne: dint have also
AM 03.52.01 Evonne: zzzzz
AM 03.52.56 Evonne: whats 18 in roman numerals
AM 03.53.21 Evonne: dont have
AM 03.53.22 Evonne: zzzzzzzz
AM 03.53.24 Evonne: : <

AM 03.53.26 Veronica: XViii

AM 03.53.37 Evonne: boh leh
AM 03.53.38 Evonne: hahaha

AM 03.58.54 Veronica: FOUND IT

AM 03.58.59 Evonne: WHAT
AM 03.59.01 Evonne: WHERE

AM 03.59.16 Veronica: http://blog.dropbox.com/?p=18
AM 03.59.20 Veronica: click on katana-ya

AM 03.59.24 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^

AM 03.59.38 Veronica: im a f**king detective now

AM 03.59.44 Evonne: LOL

AM 03.58.32 Evonne: hello hello
AM 03.58.35 Evonne: did u get it

AM 03.58.40 Veronica: still searching
AM 03.58.40 Veronica: Lol

AM 03.58.53 Evonne: LOL
AM 03.58.58 Evonne: its def a page trick!!
AM 04.01.01 Evonne: its the color
AM 04.01.02 Evonne: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/e
AM 04.01.02 Evonne: lol
AM 04.01.05 Evonne: hexadcimal color
AM 04.01.06 Evonne: : x
AM 04.01.27 Evonne: wtf is this piece of shit

AM 04.01.46 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^ my com is hanging

AM 04.01.53 Evonne: are all these their developers

AM 04.02.19 Veronica: wats the hexi

AM 04.03.11 Evonne: baff1e

AM 04.03.28 Veronica: baffle sia.

AM 04.03.41 Evonne: wtf is this 7 2 5 1
AM 04.03.42 Evonne: ....

AM 04.04.33 Veronica: raff hecnsos?
AM 04.04.36 Veronica: no

AM 04.05.49 Evonne: i just did tht too

AM 04.06.59 Veronica: stay composed..

AM 04.07.15 Evonne: mmmmmm
AM 04.08.16 Evonne: anagram?
AM 04.11.26 Evonne: all the names there are anagrams
AM 04.11.37 Evonne: jopesh is obviously joseph

AM 04.12.10 Veronica: drchair can be anagram for..?

AM 04.12.17 Evonne: richard
AM 04.12.18 Evonne: LOL
AM 04.12.22 Evonne: did u have to ask?!

AM 04.12.24 Veronica: OH
AM 04.12.25 Veronica: HAHAHAHa

AM 04.12.29 Evonne: SRSLY
AM 04.12.30 Evonne: LOL
AM 04.12.46 Evonne: i googled raff
AM 04.12.50 Evonne: the only raff is joseph joachim raff
AM 04.13.02 Evonne: hecnsos?!
AM 04.13.13 Evonne: sensohn?

AM 04.13.30 Veronica: if drchair = richard. the 7th letter is D

AM 04.13.42 Evonne: i highly doubt u solve everything
AM 04.13.50 Evonne: they're just telling u what u have to solve is an anagram

AM 04.14.03 Veronica: LOL

AM 04.14.12 Evonne: omg srs
AM 04.14.15 Evonne: richard wagner
AM 04.14.16 Evonne: is a composer.
AM 04.14.17 Evonne: wtf

AM 04.14.21 Veronica: LOL
AM 04.14.24 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^ ALL COMPOSERS NAME

AM 04.14.54 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^

AM 04.14.55 Veronica: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_composers_by_name
AM 04.14.56 Veronica: lets go.
AM 04.16.07 Veronica: i suppose farnz is franz

AM 04.16.16 Evonne: i go look at raff's famous music first
AM 04.16.17 Evonne: lol
AM 04.16.21 Evonne: maybe its raff ____
AM 04.16.54 Evonne: franz schubert?

AM 04.16.55 Veronica: Franz Schubert
AM 04.16.56 Veronica: yea
AM 04.17.10 Veronica: eh to be more effective. u work bottom up. i work top down
AM 04.17.11 Veronica: go go

AM 04.17.28 Evonne: wtf is creefird
AM 04.17.28 Evonne: lol
AM 04.17.40 Evonne: fixle.... lefix... filxe
AM 04.20.10 Evonne: dont have.

AM 04.20.35 Veronica: joseph haydn

AM 04.20.40 Evonne: yah
AM 04.20.44 Evonne: so the 7th letter is h
AM 04.20.51 Evonne: lookfor composers with the letter H
AM 04.20.55 Evonne: as surname
AM 04.21.02 Evonne: the first 2 is DRXX HXXXXXX
AM 04.21.04 Evonne: OH

AM 04.21.06 Veronica: yea looking

AM 04.21.06 Evonne: their FOUNDER
AM 04.21.09 Evonne: DREW HOUSTON
AM 04.21.10 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^
AM 04.21.11 Evonne: PUI
AM 04.21.21 Evonne: got it

AM 04.21.21 Veronica: LOL

AM 04.21.22 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^

AM 04.21.22 Veronica: HAHHAHA

AM 04.21.24 Evonne: now we got braille
AM 04.21.25 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^
AM 04.21.27 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^ DREW

AM 04.21.29 Veronica: LOL

AM 04.22.06 Evonne: how to read braille!

AM 04.22.19 Veronica: H
AM 04.22.22 Veronica: e
AM 04.22.29 Veronica: l

AM 04.22.31 Evonne: llo?
AM 04.22.32 Evonne: LOL

AM 04.22.32 Veronica: p

AM 04.22.33 Evonne: HAHAHAHAHA
AM 04.22.35 Evonne: oh
AM 04.22.36 Evonne: help

AM 04.22.39 Veronica: b
AM 04.22.44 Veronica: j
AM 04.22.49 Veronica: f
AM 04.23.04 Veronica: huh

AM 04.23.07 Evonne: helpbjf?

AM 04.23.07 Veronica: help bjf?
AM 04.24.15 Veronica: correct leh

AM 04.24.22 Veronica: it says help bjf
AM 04.25.53 Veronica: beth johnson foundation?

AM 04.26.06 Evonne: i googled too
AM 04.26.07 Evonne: lol
AM 04.26.24 Evonne: im also at their help page.
AM 04.30.24 Evonne: i actually felt smart for a while
AM 04.30.25 Evonne: now i feel dumb all over again

AM 04.32.47 Evonne: f**k f**k f**keity f**k

AM 04.33.06 Veronica: https://www.dropbox.com/about
AM 04.33.11 Veronica: click on rian hunter name
AM 04.33.25 Veronica: then go to https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/t

AM 04.33.46 Evonne: ROFL
AM 04.34.04 Evonne: da ha
AM 04.34.06 Evonne: WTF IS THE KEYPHRASE

AM 04.34.09 Veronica: I DUNO
AM 04.34.26 Veronica: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/how-to-extract-key-phrases-from-a-log-file-using-a-batch-file/
AM 04.34.28 Veronica: HAHAH

AM 04.34.42 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^ CHRONO TRIGGER

AM 04.43.26 Veronica: ans is BADCABBAGE

AM 04.43.36 Evonne: i thought so too
AM 04.43.37 Evonne: the key
AM 04.43.39 Evonne: to the musical piece?
AM 04.43.40 Evonne: lOL
AM 04.43.57 Evonne: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/s
AM 04.43.58 Evonne: wtf is this

AM 04.44.04 Veronica: LOL

AM 04.44.27 Evonne: cut along dotted lines
AM 04.44.27 Evonne: print out
AM 04.44.34 Evonne: and poke a pencil and swing it ah

AM 04.44.39 Veronica: LOL
AM 04.44.40 Veronica: AHAHAHAHAHA
AM 04.44.54 Veronica: I FEEL LIKE DOING JUST TT

AM 04.44.54 Evonne: OMG THEY ARE SERIOUS
AM 04.45.12 Evonne: OR FOLD A PAPER PLANE
AM 04.45.22 Evonne: quick what do u think
AM 04.45.23 Evonne: HAHAHAH

AM 04.45.31 Veronica: im printing lor
AM 04.45.35 Veronica: -_-"

AM 04.45.49 Evonne: yah printing now
AM 04.45.50 Evonne: LOL

AM 04.48.00 Veronica: its damn difficult to spin
AM 04.48.03 Veronica: how do i just wing it.
AM 04.49.06 Veronica: i feel damn ridiculous
AM 04.49.12 Veronica: swinging the paper

AM 04.49.20 Evonne: OR MAYBE ITS A CRANE

AM 04.49.37 Veronica: there are how many thousand ways to fold a plane!?

AM 04.49.46 Evonne: but only one to fold the crane
AM 04.52.11 Evonne: OH

AM 04.52.29 Veronica: OH WHAT

AM 04.52.52 Evonne: HAHAHAHAHA
AM 04.52.56 Evonne: the answer is
AM 04.52.57 Evonne: 1133
AM 04.52.59 Evonne: wait
AM 04.53.00 Evonne: dun type finish
AM 04.53.08 Evonne: 1133471056
AM 04.53.12 Evonne: #%$!^#*&^ CRANE
AM 04.53.15 Evonne: thank god IM GOOD AT IT

AM 04.53.20 Veronica: LUCKY U KNOW

AM 04.53.22 Evonne: https://www.dropbox.com/dropquest2011/U
AM 04.53.23 Evonne: WHAT IS THIS

AM 04.53.24 Veronica: I DUNO HOW TO FOLD CRANE CAN
AM 04.53.24 Veronica: LOL

AM 04.53.28 Evonne: THIS IS THE LAST
AM 04.53.28 Evonne: HOW
AM 04.53.29 Evonne: WHAT ISSIT
AM 04.53.36 Evonne: retrace my steps?

AM 04.53.36 Veronica: retrace ur steps
AM 04.53.40 Veronica: i think its the urls?
AM 04.53.43 Veronica: AHHHH
AM 04.53.46 Veronica: #%$!^#*&^

AM 04.53.50 Evonne: gg
AM 04.56.12 Evonne: D box ts U
AM 04.56.13 Evonne: wtf
AM 04.56.14 Evonne: i cant recall all
AM 04.56.16 Evonne: whats step 3

AM 04.56.26 Veronica: dr0p < zero not o
AM 04.56.29 Veronica: then after tt i cant rem
AM 04.56.33 Veronica: im stuck at the P

AM 04.56.36 Evonne: dr0p box ?

AM 04.57.00 Veronica: CHECK OUT CHAT LOG
AM 04.57.01 Veronica: HAHAHAHA

AM 04.57.18 Evonne: LOL
AM 04.57.23 Evonne: i went to my histry
AM 04.57.25 Evonne: and typed in the url
AM 04.58.08 Evonne: Dr0pbox hearts U
AM 04.58.09 Evonne: LOL
AM 04.58.30 Evonne: salah leh
AM 04.59.06 Evonne: salah leh
AM 04.59.15 Evonne: dr0pbox hea ts U
AM 05.00.14 Evonne: step 19 is the file right
AM 05.00.18 Evonne: then there's dropbox shared folder

AM 05.00.56 Veronica: Dr0box heaRts U

AM 05.01.06 Evonne: its not

AM 05.01.08 Veronica: done

AM 05.01.10 Evonne: WAHT
AM 05.01.11 Evonne: it is?!

AM 05.01.14 Veronica: Dr0pbox heaRts U

AM 05.01.29 Evonne: HAHAHAHAH!
AM 05.01.38 Evonne: Many gave up. Many lost hope. but YOU persevered and have finished every step of Dropquest! For real this time! Throughout your quest, you've amassed a total of 1GB of space for your Dropbox. Unfortunately, admins can't win any of the big prizes

A little later... after realizing we came in first (50gb - Veronica) and second (10gb - Evonne)...