NOTFROMLONDON would like to thank:


Daiva Vaiciulyte - the girl dragging the shitty £10 suitcase with a short handle all around East London. Through rain and wind, through Bethnal Green and Hackney. Then jumping on the motorcycle, performing stunt tricks, just to climb fences and perform exorcism on that damn suitcase.

Gerda Mi - the girl walking around whole London to find a gas station. And then walking some more. And more. And then performing witch-dancing rituals around the fire. And then letting to use her room for filming (final cut - 3 seconds of the video). Oh, and thanks for the skateboard, invaluable for a fake steadicam!

Fred Fergus - the boy that played the games, walked the talk, rode the bike, pretended to ride a motorcycle, tried the skateboard, fell off the skateboard, climbed the roofs, sang the songs and drank cider just to miss his last train. Sorry!

Karolis Poliksa - the motorcycle stunt guy and props pusher. The assistant operator. The fire tamer. The police watchout. The skateboard lender. The joint maker. The good friend and helping hand.

Karolis Adlis - the motorcycle-steadicam-machine-thing operator, steadily driving through London and beyond, fighting hangover and late night fatigue, just to get that great-motorcyle-side-shot.

Red Gallery Team, especially Yarda Krampol and Imantas Selenis - for guidance, safety and access to an amazing roof overlooking London.

Dovydas Vilimas - for lending them lenses when we most needed them! Thank you. Unfortunately we haven't used them, but oh well, anyway!

Diano So - for waiting late into night and then waking Tomas up early in the morning so he could do all the other stuff he had to do. <3

Arturas Spalis - sorry for that late night filming experiment in your room, we still have some great shots of you in the corner.

Patt the landlord - for not throwing Tomas out of the house and giving valuable lessons about life and how to wipe your fucking feet.



Thanks for all the smiles, suggestions, encouragement and passion! We wouldn’t have made without you guys!