Computer Technology Syllabus Plan 2013-14

There are 21 topics/projects listed below.  Each should take 4-8 class days - some may be longer.
This should pretty well cover the school year.

Topic/Project Goals Basic Skills
Print a funny picture(s) - using an online service
Make a business card - using MS Word or some other WP
Print the pictures and business cards and post them
   on the bulletin boards.
Ensure basic computer usage skills:
-  browser
-  WP
-  saving and loading on disk
-  printing, connecting a printer
same as goals
Make a web-page with 
pictures and links
using SeaMonkey
.zip the folder into an archive and submit it for grading
Use Browser
Use HTML editor
Insert images
Make links
Format page
Use a table
Make a folder
Create Dropbox acct
Upload to web-server
Create .zip archive
Submit .zip archive (Haiku) for grading
Save to various folders
Google image search
Use browser
Copy/save images
Copy URL
Install new software
.zip archives
Draw a comic strip
using Inkscape
Export to bitmap
Make WIX acct
Upload images to WIX
Mouse drawing
Drag/drop, resize
Use menus
Read instructions
  and error messages
Make phony images,
funny faces, fantasy
animals with GIMP

Cut and paste
Filters and Effects
Touch-up poor images
(rotate, resize, etc)
Save-as to change file formats
Find files on disk drive
Determine/read a file-
  type from extension
Make interactive web-
pages with JavaScript
using SeaMonkey
simple JS commands -
  alert, img.src, location
Careful typing
Careful attn to punctuation

Make a WIKI and collect links and
   pictures from various students
Web/network sharing
Various ways to share info -
  USB sticks, Google Docs, Dropbox,
  email, printing, etc
Platform differences
Hardware/OS terminology
Group work skills
Make a NEWSLETTER containing
  stories from a group of authors
  using Google Docs
DTP skills
  formatting, layout, Fonts
Using Google Docs or other WP
Sharing access
Coordinating group work
PDF and other export formats
WP page layout skills
  using tables, setting margins,
  changing fonts, using menues
JavaScript Slide-show pages
using SeaMonkey or BlueGriffon
Write JS functions including
   multiple commands and decisions
Changing attributes in HTML editor
   especially <img> attributes
   - size, onclick, id, .src
Automation with setTimeout
Careful editing
Reading error messages
Create amusing animations using
  Inkscape to make frames and
  displaying with JS setTimeout
Create sequence of frames by making
  small changes and saving frequently
Write multiple JS functions to control
  several animations
Saving multiple files to a folder
Make .GIF animations
  using GIMP
Use a .GIF animation creation tool
Insert .GIF animations into web-page
Follow instructions carefully
  and in the correct order
Create an ePortfolio
-  possibly on Haiku
-  possibly on WIX
-  possibly both
Design a web-site
Design web-pages
Upload and link reliably
Test performance carefully
Create a News Summary Video
using a Video Editor (iMovie)
and Screen Recorder (Jing, QuickTime)
Use screen-capture to capture clips
   from existing videos (Youtube)
Use movie editor to assemble a
   collection of clips into a video
Use effects and titles to enhance
   a video
Add sound effects/background music
Sequencing and timing clips
Familiarity with YouTube,
  especially pausing
Save with a specific file type
Save multiple files into one folder
Find folders and files on hard-disk
Learn technical vocabulary related
to videos and photos
and using a Digital Camera
(students bring their own camera)
Express problems in appropriate language
Read technical information about
  problems and solutions
Assess quality of videos/photos and
   seek solutions for improvement
Display vocabulary/concepts in
  a written test, e.g. this test
Reading technical documents
Reading carefully
- Posing technical questions
- Matching solutions to problems
Create a photo slideshow using
   standard tools (WIX, Flicker, etc)
Create user account
Collect Photos
Upload photos
Organize sequence of photos
Copy/save many files in one place
Compile a research report -
  for example a Bibliography
  like Malcolm X .  This is not
  a writing assignment - students
  must find information and copy
  and paste it together, nicely
  formatted, with proper citations.
Use MS Word or Libre Writer
Use Google to do research
Copy/paste information from a web-site
   into a WP document
Save citation information
Write appropriate citations (MLA)
Format/organize multiple page essay
   include text and images
Print the resulting essay
Basic WP skills
Web research skills
Citation rules
Using a printer at FIS
Draw a technical diagram,
for example the seating
arrangement in the classroom,
or maybe a sports field,
using the drawing tools in a
word-processor (MS Word)
Using drawing shapes in WP
Change fill colors
Change shape parameters
Resize and drag objects to correct locations

Create a mathematics page
containing math diagrams
and math equations
using MS Word and GeoGebra
Use equation editor
Position drawing objects carefully,
  in relation to text

Create and join sound-effects
into a long sound reel (1 minute)
using Audacity
Find downloadable sound effects
Save sound files to disk
Load sound clips into Audacity
Join and re-order sound clips
Apply effects
-  change volume
-  insert extra sound (tones)
Export to various file formats

Create an animated "adventure"
game using multiple web-pages
with DHTML via Javascript
using SeaMonkey or BlueGriffon
Use dynamic JS commands to:
- move objects
- hide objects
- change text in Buttons
- change colors in DIVS and Buttons
- add sound effects
Embed online videos in the web-page

Make a video game in Scratch
with multiple levels and collisions
Starting notes
Here is a sample game

Create a program in scratch
Use multiple actors
Display messages
Use slide commands
Use keyboard controls for movement
Use loops for automation
Use message broadcasts for triggers
Use collision detection commands
Use variables
Change appearance
Change backgrounds

Create an animated story in Alice 3D.
This should be an animation that
illustrates a true historical event
that happened before 1900,
for example Marco Polo's trip
to China.
Use Alice to create an
automated 3D animation
- insert multiple objects
- use 3D movement and rotation
- use loops
- use keyboard/mouse events

Investigate IT tools and write instructions
for other people to use them
Start at
Use various tools appropriately
Review various topics from the
entire year


Future Expansion Possibilities
more about making videos
- apps for Smartphones
   -  downloading
   -  installing (adjusting)
   -  using
- creating (programming) Smartphone apps
   using an easy App creator tool
- robotics - liaise with DT
- large scale web projects, collaborating with other schools


Here is the software required at various times in the course:



All grade 9 students must bring MacBooks to class each day, charged and usable (not broken).

Students must install any software needed (unless it is already installed).  All the software listed above is either free to download or is already installed in MacBooks (e.g. iMovie, QuickTime). 


Basic Skills

All students are assumed to have basic IT skills appropriate to their age (grade 9) and appropriate to students who have already used a MacBook for 2 years.  Since we will have some new students (25%) who might have little or no experience with MacBooks, we must provide assistance for them.  It will not be possible for the teacher to remediate all missing skills, although the teacher will help students who are having trouble.  For example, it is assumed that students can download a piece of software, install it and start it.  Some basic demonstrations may be done for the entire class at the beginning of the course, but it is not a goal of the course to provide instruction in such basic skills.

The following basic skills are assumed and will not be taught (but assistance may be provided):

Keyboard skills - delete key, shift/alt/command keys, keyboard shortcuts like Cmd-C, Cmd-V,
         insert special symbols and foreign characters

Mouse skills -  click, drag and drop, right-click, highlight, copy and paste, scroll

Browser skills - Google search, clicking links, page-back arrow, typing URLs in the address bar,
          bookmarks, copying URLs, searching for images, downloading images

OS skills - opening, closing and resizing windows, adjust brightness, change simple settings
          like standard fonts and backgrounds and mouse behavior, empty trash can regularly,
          make regular backups, keep desktop organized, change screen size and brightness
          when needed for visibility

File Management - using Finder to find files and folders, creating a folder, save in a specific folder,
         renaming a file, finding the file-type (in properties), copying files to a new location,
        compressing a folder into a .zip archive, access servers, save and/or copy to a server,
        copy files from home to school and back (email, dropbox, usb stick)

Web skills - browsing, searching, making online accounts, keep track of passwords,
         use bookmarks, manage plugins (especially Java, Flash and other support files)

eMail - opening eMail client, reading eMail, deleting eMail, sending eMail,
       attaching files to an eMail before sending, opening and saving attachments

Software Management - start an application, manage icons on the desktop and task bar,
      close an application, open files, save files, download and install an application,
      use the trash can

Hardware management - keep laptop charged up, use security software sensibly,
         treat hardware gently, fix broken bits as soon as possible, avoid loaning equipment,  use headphones

Good Habits - type carefully, read error messages, make backups, ask sensible questions,
          use a notebook, follow standard procedures, avoid self-destructive actions like
          deleting things that are fixable