Weapons of the Third Era

Version 1.3 by 747823 - Skyrim Nexus Link



Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) Installation (www.skyrimnexus.com/content/modmanager):
  1. Download through NMM, and activate there.
  2. Follow from 5 below
Manual Installation:
  1. Unzip the files anywhere.
  2. Delete or disable the alpha or beta ESP if it exists.
  3. Move the folder "Data" into your Skyrim installation (usually located inside the steam folder, under steamapps/common/skyrim).
  4. (Optional) Move the files you want from the optionals folder to the Data folder. Click here to see descriptions of them.
  5. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'Weaponsof3E.esp' or the optionals you want are checked.
  6. Run Skyrim!


Main files:
Weaponsof3E.esp: Main file to get the weapons into the game. See basics and change log for detailed information.

Optional files:
Weaponsof3E - No Leveled Lists.esp Adds all weapons to crafting locations but not to leveled lists. Disable "Weaponsof3E.esp" if you have this file enabled.

Use this if you have compatibility problems with another mod, or if you don't want to find the weapons at vendors or carried by enemies. If you switch to this ESP and then load a save, you may lose your weapons unless you make sure the mod index is the same. You can find out how here.
Skyrim style glass textures Re-textures of my glass weapons to be teal/gold.

Use this if you want the glass weapons to be colored like the default Skyrim weapons, instead of the "classic green" color.
Classic green weapons and armor "Classic green" retexture of the "vanilla" glass weapons and armor.

Use this if you want the "vanilla" weapons and armor to have a matching "classic green" color.


A pack of 50+ new weapons (not replacements!) with Morrowind-themed designs.

Premise: Since the destruction of Vvardenfell, many inhabitants of Morrowind have emigrated to Skyrim. With them came unusual weapons and smithing knowledge passed down from the third era.


Types of new weapons:

Finding the weapons:
Many of the weapons can be crafted at a forge, but not all of them. Eastern dwemer and the unique weapons can't be crafted. The reasons for this are because the lore and for balance. You can find most weapons at vendors and on enemies, except for the 3 unique weapons which haven't been implemented yet. The weapons have been added to several leveled lists, but they are more rare than the default weapons. They should all be able to be improved.

You can also add them to your character with the console command "player.additem".
Here is a list of the weapons and their formids:
(show list)

You must also add the mod index before the form ID. Since the mod index can be different for everyone, you can check it by typing "help 4" into the console. For example, typing help nodachi 4 would show the formids of every weapon with nodachi in the name, with the mod index in front.

You can also find the mod index by checking the load order in Nexus Mod Manager:

The mod index is "0B" in this example, so for example: if you wanted to add a Daedric Nodachi, you would type "player.additem 0B0747A1 1".


Known problems:
- If the weapons are invisible for you, I'm 99% sure you didn't install the mod correctly. - Silver weapons don't have the "bonus damage to undead" effect yet. - Silver weapons appear in the "steel" crafting category. I would add them to "misc", but that disables the smithing improvement perk. I haven't learned how to add new categories yet. - Wooden weapons appear in the "iron" crafting category.

Compatibility: If you have another mod installed which modifies leveled lists, the leveled items from one of these may not appear in-game, but you should still be able to use the mods together. There's also the "no leveled lists" ESP in the optionals folder, which is more compatible.