Grading Criteria for Project Phase 3 (Web Services)

Overall Program Structure 20
GUI and Net code still works! 5
Correct "main" handling 5
No hassle (for me) Google key use 5
Good modularity 5
Wiki Functionality 40 80
UI for looking up words in Wikipedia
  • Should contact Wikipedia when user selects a word in transcsript
  • Should contact Wikipedia once (at most!) per selection
  • Optional: disallow selecting "a," "and," "the," etc.
Correctly handle words with no Wikipedia entry
  • Looking up a word with no entry shouldn't crash or cause weirdness
Display results
  • Add GUI elements to display Wikipedia lookups
  • Should be well-behaved (e.g., ability to dismiss a Wikipedia lookup window)
  • Should strip HTML headers and internal formatting
Google Functionality 40 80
Feed text in each exchange in the transcript to Google (selected words, typed words, you choose interface)
  • Correctly use the Google API to generate queries based on text
  • Optional: strip out "a," "and," "the," etc.
Properly display search results
  • Should display several (more than one) results per query, with the query displayed along with the results
  • Correctly handle searches that return no results
  • Show multiple (more than one) queries and their results, corresponding to multiple entries in the transcript
  • Results GUI should be well-behaved (e.g., ability to dismiss it, if it's in a separate window)
Display clicked Google links in Swing HTML window
  • Clicking should launch HTML browser
  • Links in browser should work
  • Optional: provide a back button, if it seems sensible given your GUI
  • Displayed information should be well-behaved (ability to close, etc.)
Bonus 20
Click on links in returned Wiki information to access new Wikipedia pages 10
Extreme graphical richness and novelty 10