Credits Include

Theatrical release:

  • 8 Minutes Idle, iFeatures
  • Chimpanzee, DisneyNature
  • African Cats, DisneyNature
  • Earth, BBC/Greenlight
  • Flirting With Flamenco, Optimist Films
  • Deep Blue, BBC NHU/Greenlight
  • Lost Dogs, Optimist Films


  • Anyone for Demis?, BBC
  • When Roack Goes Acoustic, BBC
  • The Rattigan Enigma by Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC
  • The story of Ballet Russes, BBC
  • In the Spirit of Diaghilev, BBC
  • Coast, BBC
  • Oz and James Drink to Britain, BBC
  • The Unseen Alistair Cooke, BBC
  • Lenny's Britain, BBC
  • Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure, RDF/BBC (2 series)
  • Joćo Magueijo's Big Bang, Tigress/Discovery Science
  • The Unseen Beatles, Vera Productions/BBC
  • Ten Days to D-Day, 3BM TV
  • The Riddle of Einstein's Brain, Icon Films
  • A French Affair, River Films/C4
  • The Welsh Great Escape, Hartswood/BBC
  • Imagine (various), BBC
  • Shanghai Vice, River Films/C4


  • Pobol y Cwm, S4/C
  • What's Virgin Mean? Michael Davies Films
  • Servants, Whitby Davison/BBC
  • Space Invaders, Red Cat Films
  • Sold, Matchbox Films
  • Food of Love, ITV Drama Workshop


  • Stagefright, Aardman Animations
  • Dinosaurs, Happy Hour Productions
  • Noddy, Chorion Intellectual Properties
  • Wat's Pig, Aardman Animations
  • Chevron commercials, Aardman Animations

Natural History:

  • North America, Wild Horizons/Discovery
  • Untamed Americas, National Geographic
  • Ocean Giants, BBC NHU
  • In Search of the Perfect Predaror, BBC NHU
  • South Pacific, BBC
  • Nature's Great Events, BBC
  • Planet Earth, BBC NHU
  • Lost Land of the Jaguar, BBC NHU
  • Blue Planet, BBC NHU
  • Austin Stevens: Snake Hunter, Tigress/Animal Planet
  • Expedition Borneo, BBC NHU
  • Jaguar Adventure with Nigel Marven, Tigress/Five
  • Ganges, BBC NHU
  • Nigel Marven's Shark Island, Tigress/Five
  • Amazon Abyss, BBC NHU
  • The Big Sting, BBC NHU/Animal Planet
  • Nile, BBC NHU
  • The Natural World (many), BBC NHU
  • Wildlife On One (many), BBC NHU


  • Saudi Aramco (Hi-Def, 3-D, 5.1 for installation), Shooting Partners
  • The Eden Project - Sound design and mix for night-time experience
  • Volvo Ocean Race - Sound mix for simulator ride