Mixing Facilities at Real World Studios

The Red Room

Red Six operate the Red Room at Real World Studios which is a purpose-built film and TV mixing room. The room was designed by Whitemark for 5.1 mixing and is centred around a ProTools Icon (D-Control) system. Monitoring is by Dynaudio and the room's sound has extraordinary imaging and detail.
The HD3 Accel system includes a huge range of plugins by Waves (Mercury), Audio Ease (Altiverb etc) and Neyrinck amongst others, catering for every sound post need. HD projection (2.5m screen) is standard and the room even offers natural daylight.
The adjoining room provides a sound editing facility networked directly to the mixing room.

The Big Room

The Big Room at Real World is universally acknowledged as one of the World’s great recording studios. In film mode the 14m x 14m room offers an 8m screen with HD projection and a custom monitoring system by Exigy – the room meets the specification for Dolby Premier certification.
Standard equipment includes:
Protools HD3 Accel systems, with a wide range of plugins as above. Icon (D-Control) mixing. Exigy 5.1 monitoring plus Dolby CP-650.
HD projection.

The Foley Room

This room offers one the largest (13.5m x 6.2m) foley recording facilities in the UK. It features a wide range of surfaces each of which measures 3.3m x 0.75m, as well as a solid concrete floor that can be carpeted. A comprehensive store of props is available.
Standard equipment includes: ProTools recording (up to 96kHz). Mic pre-amps by SSL and Studer. Microphones by Schoeps, Sennheiser, Bruel & Kjear, Neumann and AKG amongst others.
The surrounding countryside offers the further option to record foley “in the field.” This is done using a portable Protools system and introduces natural perspectives to the recordings.