BAFTA TV Awards - Nominations

  • "Nature's Great Events" (BBC)
  • "Planet Earth" (BBC)
  • "Big Cat Diary" (BBC)
  • "Blue Planet" (BBC)
  • "Shanghai Vice" (C4 / River Films / Phil Agland)
  • "Supersense" (BBC)

RTS Television Awards - Nominations

  • "Cats Under Serengeti Stars" (BBC)
  • “Planet Earth” (BBC)
  • “South Pacific” (BBC)

Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival 2009

  • Merit awards for Sound Design:
  • "Earth" (BBC)
  • "Nature's Great Events - The Great Tide" (BBC)
  • "Nature's Great Events - The Great Melt" (BBC)

Conch Awards

  • 2006: Winner, Best Audio for "Planet Earth" (BBC)

Televisual Bulldog Awards

  • 2007: Winner, Best Audio for “Planet Earth” (BBC)

Other Awards

  • Andrew has won several awards at Missoula International Wildlife Film Festivals
  • Further nominations at Bristol's Wildscreen Film Festival