Andrew Wilson

Andrew received a complete grounding at the BBC in radio and TV as well as film before specialising in film sound post-production. Working initially with traditional film/sep-mag, he later pioneered the use of the AMS Audiofile at BBC Bristol for both mixing and as a track-laying/sound-design tool.

Working as a Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer initially at Films of Bristol and then for many years at Films at 59, he used NED's Synclavier/PostPro system as well as Audiofile, 16/35 mm Mag, Sadie, ProTools and Pyramix. Mixing desks include AMS-Neve DFC and MMC systems as well as the Digidesign Icon (D-Control) console.

He has been responsible for the design and specification of mixing, sound editing and transfer rooms. He has played a major role in the training of sound assistants and junior mixers, as well as having a regular involvement in training courses run by external educational institutions. He has given presentations at workshops and debates for students, at film-festivals, and to the Institute of Broadcast Sound. He has served as a member of the judging panel for the BAFTA Television Craft Awards and the Royal Television Society Awards (sound categories).

Now working freelance his creative and dynamic mixing style has earned him multiple awards and nominations. He has mixed for many different formats from Dolby Digital to IMAX, offering a bespoke approach to every project. He was recently elected to the Council of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and is a member of BAFTA.