Of major importance

This is a general warning. CM7 is still in development, problems can and will crop up. Hence, it's impricial to know that if you find a problem with the software, and no one else on forums has spotted it, at the very least, wipe your Data partition in Clockwork, and start again. Of course do all necessary back ups of your software first. If a wipe doesn't fix it, then you can report the problem, to the community at least.


What is this?

CyanogenMod is an after-market firmware for a variety of Android phones. Here, we focus on the ZTE Blade.

This page should work as follows; The list on the left tab should show all commits to the CyanogenMod github, with relation to all packages that are of interest to Blade users. The most recent Nightly builds can be seen as they are centralised in the frame, and follow a naming convention of "cm_blade_full-XX.zip", where XX is the build number. The most recent build will be the highest on the list, and have the highest build number.

The bugs list is found on the right-most tab, and shows the reported bugs on the bug tracker. I totally encourage you to submit bugs here, but just remember to bear the rules in mind.

But what is a nightly, I hear you ask? A Nightly is a build that comes out every night (go figure) and includes all the fixes submitted to the project up until that point. Therefore, pretty much every new build is as current as possible. It also means no formal testing has taken place, so bits could be broken or unstable.


Updates are happening all the time. The most practical way to see these is through the pane on the left. However, for a more indepth view, or to see other branches, there's two places:

Blade's CyanogenMod Github and General CyanogenMod Github

A good place to discuss changes and your findings is MoDaCo, and more specifically the CM7 Thread, which can be found here

  1. The vital first step is download either Tom's or Seb404's ClockworkMod. Seb's is here, with instructions
  2. Next is to do a Nandroid backup within Clockwork. This will produce a full backup of your current ROM, so you can go back to it at will.
  3. Wipe data/ do a factory reset
  4. Install the ROM .zip file.
  5. Install Google Apps, which are HERE
  6. Restore and backup, install new apps

It should be noted, that restoring settings and system apps could lead to some bad stuff going down, so be wary!

As an aside, makes sure you have the latest version of Clockwork installed, which, to be safe is This can be downloaded from Seb's post, linked above, or through ROM manager. However. ROM manager will only install newer clockworks for our blades from within CM7, unfortunately.

  • From good mister Rotmann, quoted verbatim(ish) in regards to getting Apps2SD to work in some fashion: 
    "Also the apps2sd bug can be avoided by formating the card with partition manager under windows or gparted, into two PRIMARY partitions: the first fat32, the second ext3. Install s2e (simple2ext) from the market, put it to move the apps to ext and restart. Before installing the ROM apply wbaw's partition mod to get 333 MB. This is only for people who use more than 10-20 apps and games. "
  • Also, sluggish launcher performance? First, turn off wallpaper hack in ADW. If that fails, try another launcher. If that fails, try Gingerbread Launcher by Steven Lin, found on the market. That should solve performance issues, at the cost of it being a stock(ish) launcher.
  • The current way to get wifi hotspot on to CM7
    How you get wifi-tethering (mobile hotspot) on CM7 ...

    "1.) You need the "hostapd"-binary from any 2.2-rom (for the zte blade) - it's located in /system/bin (extract it from a update-zip-file).

    2.) Now copy the hostapd-binary to /system/bin
    adb remount
    adb push hostapd /system/bin/.
    adb shell chmod 0755 /system/bin/hostapd

    3.) Install wifi/wireless-tether from the google-code page - I recommend the latest experimental version (version 3):

    This version comes with/supports a toggle-widget, infrastructure/master-mode, wpa-encryption, access-control ... and other useful stuff like mss clamping ...
    IT'S NOT AD-HOC! "
Alternatively, Flash THIS. It's a much quicker way of doing it.
Disclaimer and Thanks

the good 'ole disclaimer :

#include <std_disclaimer.h>
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

I would like to say a big thanks to Igor Tonkopryadchenko for putting together the fantastic updates page.

And finally, huge thanks goes to everyone who has worked on the CyanogenMod project. Not limited to, of course: Tom G, HCDR Jacob, MoDaCo forum members and the CyanogenMod team.

I (Victor von Zeppelin) am in no way responsible for this ROM, I am merely an unofficial source gathering up the sometimes confusing bits and pieces.