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April 2013

Created by @jagreehal

Blinkety Blink

A rendering engine for the Chromium project

More about Blink

Good times!

  • Faster mobile web apps
  • No -blink prefix
  • More frequent iterations

Bad times!

  • More testing
  • Webkit could be left behind (Google majority contributor)
  • What will Apple do?
    • Go with WebKit2 and keep to date
    • Nothing. Remember WebGL support for Ads only
    • Pull resources into native OS
  • And this matters becuase...

Latest Mobile Browser Stats (North America)

Latest Browser Stats (Europe)

Safari has a significant market share!

Over 61% according to

The question is...

Will we end up programming for the lowest common denominator?


  • Chrome only available on Android 4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 39.7% users still on Gingerbread! (Google Stats)
  • Chrome is NOT the default Android Browser on all devices!
  • Opera Mobile will use Blink

Will Chrome on iOS use Blink?

No. App Store guidelines state that browsers on iOS must use the WebKit rendering engine


Top two resources

WebRTC is here!

Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs

(more than just video)

Available in Chrome Beta on Android

(Yes there's a beta version)

Enable using chrome://flags


Top tip!

chrome://chrome-urls has links to everything!


What about Apps!

Book Swiping!

Requires user permission

How many permissions will the mobile web user accept?


jQuery Mobile 1.3 is here!

My demo using slide out panels and position fixed