SpeedRunsLive Guide

1. FAQ

Read this: http://speedrunslive.com/faq/

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2. Joining IRC

Join the irc by clicking the "channel" button on the website or by downloading an irc client. mIRC, HexChat, and Nettalk are popular clients, although any others can be used.

If using an irc client, you must manually add the server information: IRC Server: irc.speedrunslive.com Port: 6667 Join the channel #speedrunlive by finding it in the channel list or typing "/join #speedrunslive"

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3. Registering Your Name

Register your nickname with the following command: "/ns register (password) (email)" Each time you log in, use the following command: "/ns id (password)" You should do this in the server window and not an actual channel; if you make a typo and it is not recognized as a command, everyone in the server will see what you typed and know your password. Note: You CANNOT change your username later on.

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4. Streams and The Streams Page

In order to have your stream shown on the SpeedRunsLive races page, you must set your stream with the command ".setstream (link to your channel)" ie ".setstream twitch.tv/thegreatme" Your stream will not appear on the races page until you've completed one race. In order to have your stream appear on the streams page, you must have completed 25 races and have raced once in the past month. Although streaming is not a requirement if you're racing a "real" version of a game, it is highly recommended to do so. If you finish with a very good time and have no actual proof, you may be "proof called" and disqualified if you cannot provide it. Streaming is a requirement if you use an emulator in a race.

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5. The .races Command

If you want to see what races are currently in progress or available to enter, type ".races". RaceBot will give you a list of races when you join the channel as well.

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6. Participating in Races

If you see a race you would like to join, you can do so by double-clicking the channel (ie #srl-abcde) or typing "/join #srl-abcde" In order to enter the race, you must type ".enter" or ".join" When you are fully prepared to begin, type ".ready" When everyone has typed this command, a countdown will begin. Once it reaches 0, you can start playing. When you finish the goal, type ".done" If you need to quit the race for whatever reason, type ".quit" or ".forfeit" If you would like to leave a comment, type ".comment (what you want to say)" NOTE: All of these commands (except /join) can only be used in a race channel. They will do nothing in #speedrunslive. Only voices, half-ops, and ops can use the ".record" and ".end" commands. If the race is not recorded within a couple minutes of its conclusion and you want to do a rematch, please start a new race and do not ask in #srl for someone to record it. Someone will get to it soon enough. If your race is recorded and people who are still in the race channel want to do a rematch, type ".rematch" to initiate one.

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7. Starting Races

IMPORTANT: Don't start a race without an oppenent, it will be .end'd

If you want to start your own race, do so by typing ".startrace (game abbreviation)" To find the abbreviation for a game you want to race, look for the game on the "Game list" page on SpeedRunsLive. If you go to the specific game's page, the abbreviation will be listed on the right side of the page. (ie Super Mario 64 = ".startrace sm64") If your game has not been raced before, try to think of an abbreviation that makes sense. A voice will add the game to the database later. Type ".setgoal" to set the goal for your race. If the goal has been raced before, be sure to type it out identically. If you mistyped an abbreviation and started an "incorrect" race, you can use .setgame in the race channel to fix your mistake (ie .startrace sn64 --> .setgame sm64) Please use this command and do not start a second race.

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