School of Biological Sciences
Journal Club @ UC

NEW OLD location:
Ilam Homestead (the Staff Club), alternate Fridays,
All welcome!

Our school works on a broad range of topics in biology,
encompassing everything from molecules to ecosystems, 
biotechnology to conservation biology. As a fun way of
sharing our excitement about our diverse interests, we
run a fortnightly journal club.

The way it works is that one person picks a paper from
one of the main cross-disciplinary journals (e.g. Science,
Nature, PNAS), it gets sent out to everyone, we all read
the paper, turn up, and discuss it. The person that chose
the paper will usually give a brief summary of the paper,
and perhaps raise a few points they think are discussion-
worthy. The whole thing runs for about 40 minutes, and at 
the end someone volunteers to choose the paper for next

The club is open to anyone and everyone, so come and join 
us for a drink and stimulating conversation on anything 
and everything biological!


Alyssa Cirtwill: alyssa.cirtwill--[at]
Anthony Poole: anthony.poole--[at]

Next meeting: 1st November 2013

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