Velcome to Marstal
Ærø is one of the islands in the South of Funen Archipelago, and has just under 7000 residents. There are three towns: Marstal, Ærøskøbing and Søby.  Ærø is home to a lively, dynamic community that lives mainly on shipping,  shipbuilding, farming and education. Visitors to Ærø are able to see at  close quarters the activities centred on new and old ships in the harbours,  sustainable energy installations, and the island farms with fertile soil and cattle in the pastures. The island countryside is perfect for active holidays. Tourists are welcome to enjoy the network of cycling routes and a newly established walking trail that guides hikers through beautiful countryside to the island’s main cultural attractions. There are plenty of opportunities for anglers along the beaches too. The newly laid out golf course at the western tip of the island is surrounded by sea on three sides, and considered to be the most beautifully situated golf course in Denmark. The sea around Ærø is ideal for guests interested in sea sports, whether they prefer rowing or sailing. The only way to get to Ærø, like all real islands, is to sail. But no matter which of the four possible routes one chooses, it is a pleasant crossing. Passing the scattered islands in the archipelago, flocks of birds and perhaps even a porpoise make it an unforgettable trip. Ærø with its beaches, museums, historic towns and fascinating harbours, and the quiet natural beauty of its countryside attract many visitors from Denmark and abroad. Often they come back year after year, especially the sailors who visit the harbours. The historic places of interest, people in business and the islanders in general want our guests to enjoy visiting us. A large part of the enjoyment comes from knowing about the place you visit. The Guide to Ærø will tell you about the island and provide useful information about what goes on here. On behalf of the island residents I would like to invite you and your family to visit us if you have never done so before. And to those who have arrived on Ærø, I extend a warm welcome and wish you an interesting and enjoyable visit to our beautiful island.
Best wishes
Jørgen Otto Jørgensen, Mayor