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The Vintage Belles

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Vintage Jazzzz:

A jazz class unique in title but classic in form.  A center barre warm up, a traditional across the floor,  and a combination to book end this stylized class.  It’s gem?~ ~ the genre of music is ageless jazz and choreography focuses on the timeless starlets Cyd Charisse, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, Rita Hayworth, Julie Andrews and Lucille Ball.

This Class is led by The Vintage Belles company owner Sheri Godfrey and existing Belle members. 

Always looking for new and exciting dancers to flaunt the exquisite Belle style.

The Diamond Betty’s Pin up Jazz/tap:

The Diamond Bettys are Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented pin-ups that take on the 1940’s and 50’s style!

Each week students will have an opportunity to re live their inner Bettie Page either through pin up burlesque or exciting jazz/tap choreography to classic’s like “My Boyfriends Back”  “Johnny Be Good” “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”

This genre is perfect for all levels!!


Here is a one of a kind class that encourages dancers to grow technically, musically and creatively.  Sheri begins with a concentrated warm-up that focuses on breathing, strength, technique and flexibility.  The warm-up also pays attention to balance, emotional expression and an awareness of the body as she exposes students to new music.  The next segment of class she choreographs an “across the floor” that familiarizes students with her unique style which also combines technical placement for turns and jumps.  The routines are characteristically funk, lyrical and ‘thrashy’ jazz expressing clean lines of sensuality.  It’s challenging, energizing and always exciting.

Rhythm Tap Workshop

Sheri’s tap classes for the junior, intermediate, advanced levels focus on unique rhythms, technique, vocabulary and clean sounds.  The class begins with rhythmic work center floor, concentrating on warming up the feet and perfecting technique. An ‘across the floor’ follows, preparing the dancer for an exciting and challenging combination. As a Canadian ADAPT syllabus trained and certified teacher, tap terminology is presented in an incredibly accessible way!! Memorable and fun!!

Ballroom JAZZ:

This class has the same format as my jazz class.  The EXCITING difference is I incorporate the fun and essential basics of ballroom movement.  It’s high energy with new salsa beats and latin music but most of all a great and challenging change for the jazz dancer!


This class is designed for the advanced student, the professional dancer and of course the teachers!!!!

Simple – come to class and be prepared to have fun practicing sexy walks and funky choreography to great music IN HEELS!

***Any heels you feel comfortable and safe dancing in (ballroom shoes, character shoes, fun boots)


Here’s a class dedicated to the dancer’s communication with music and oneself.  It’s an exploration of the inner voice responding to new music.  The class begins with a warm up which concentrates on relaxation and breathing.  It also focuses on the beauty of the body and comfortably using it.  Sometimes simple choreography will be added to challenge and to enhance performance qualities.  Music inspires and creative movement allows for creative decisions, therefore aiding in confidence in dancing and everyday life!  Students should bring their love of music, comfortable clothing and an openness to surrender.


Audition coaching also available!!