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Welcome to my website. 

I’ve been at this crazy thing called Artist for some time...

so please enjoy sorting through the many years of

sweat, blood, tears, dedication, desire, passion, happiness, fulfillment and dreams coming to life...

  1. I am obsessed with music -- and I have a soft spot for anything written in ¾

  2. I’ve been dancing, acting and singing since as long as I can remember

  3. I am a dire romantic who is constantly creating beauty in my mind

  4. I love writing. . .poetry

  5. I have a green thumb

  6. I have a pup who has an exquisite black fur heart on the right side of his body.

  7. I love anything Vintage

  8. I’m an East Coaster at heart.

  9. Oh, I can’t stand tomatoes -- it’s a texture thing

  10. I’m loud and very proud of it!  There I said it

Now put all that aside and browse “me” as the hard working, class act, talented professional that I am~

Ciao. .  till you book me!

The Vintage Belles